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Ad Manager

Solar Growth Partners
Full Time
📈 Marketing
Facebook Ads Manager
Google Ads Manager
Google Analytics
Google Tags Manager
YouTube Ads
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Jan 25

Develop your career with a fast-growing company in a flourishing market! Solar Growth Partners is an online advertising agency helping solar companies gain more leads.

We’re looking for a highly motivated and dedicated individual to join our team; someone who is passionate about what they do and is motivated to help grow the business and also someone who wants to grow with us.


1. Understand the market we are in. You will need to research and be knowledgeable about the market in order to ensure that we comply with any and all marketing and advertising regulations.

2. Develop and implement digital marketing strategies. With this, we expect you to be proactively researching and keeping updated with the latest trends and strategies.

3. Track KPIs and analyze data to help improve results.

4. Implement systems to ensure quality in the delivery of results. We need you to make sure that we can deliver what we say we will deliver to our clients.

5. Manage the marketing team. We need someone who can work well with other people as you will have a small team under you that you will have to manage as they help you get the results you need.

6. Write in reports on the results on strategies as often as required by the company.


1. 3+ Years experience in running paid ads (using Facebook Business Manager, Google Ads Manager, and Google Tags Manager, running YouTube video conversion campaigns)

2. Certified in Google Analytics

3. Intermediate skills using creating basic automations using Zapier

4. Project management skills

5. Someone who can work with a team

6. Professional level of written and spoken English

Experience working in the solar industry is not required but will be very helpful.

This job is a full-time role and will involve regular meetings with the team (daily). We need someone who can be fully committed to the company so we can grow and work better together.

If you think you fit this role and you’re ready to turbo up your career, we’ll be happy to get on a call with you.

Fill out your application here


Chat Specialist (Sales)

Chat Assassins (Previously MADE OMNI INC.)
Full Time
💰 Ventas
Nivel de Inglés Avanzado/Nativo C1-C2
Telefono Inteligente
Internet estable
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Jan 10

We are looking for talented people in all countries of Latin America with excellent English Writing and Speaking Skills, who want: 

➡️ Financial Stability & Payment in $USD

➡️ Ability to provide for themselves and their families

➡️ Commit to a long-term position.

➡️ Opportunities for professional growth.  

➡️ Location freedom to work from home using their laptop and mobile phone.  

🙅🏻‍♀️ NO Previous experience needed  

This position is Full-Time and virtual. The team here at MADE OMNI INC is located around the world, with the majority of us in South America. 

Made Omni Inc. is a Women Empowered Premium Marketing Company, Lead and Operated by 97% Women. Corporate Headquarters are based in San Diego, California with 70+ team members around the world and clients worldwide. We work with Personal Brands and support them with turning social media followers into customers.


  • C1 - C2 Level Advanced English 
  • A fully working desktop/laptop computer
  • Up-to-date Smartphone
  • 8 hours of daily availability 
  • 2 hours availability on weekends
  • Interest in SALES
  • Being outgoing, communicative, proactive and creative

Great for people with experience in Sales, Customer Assistance, Call Centers, and Cold Callers that want more professional and financial growth out their careers.

If you don’t have experience, you need a high interest and commitment to learning, making money, working with trial and error, and being challenged daily! 


Entry-Level Chat Specialist (OS) works with a highly skilled client success team, with the core aim to start authentic conversations that lead to selling coaching programs through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. 

You will work with our teams to sell for one of our clients, a Business Coach, speaking as them on their social media platforms. 

Your day to day will consist approximately of: 

  • 2 hours of starting new conversations
  • 2 hours of follow-ups
  • 2 hours of organic account growth
  • 1hr 30min of replying to active leads and closing sales
  • 30min of management and daily communication tasks


Within Made Omni Inc. we have career paths through leadership opportunities with positions like Team Leader, Lead Trainer, Recruitment Officer, Directing Manager, and Vice President.

- Fixed payment plus opportunities to grow according to performance and development:

  • Entry Level: $800-$1,500k/month
  • Experienced Level: $1,500-$2,200/month
  • Expert / Leadership Level: $2,200-$5,000/month

- Winning Culture 

- Supportive work environment

- Paid-for Company Book Club 

- Monthly raffles 

- Quarterly Company Paid-for Workshops

- Health and Fitness programs  

- Birthday Gifts 

- Paid training and Mentorship  

And much more... 


Submit your application here: 

Allow 5-10 days to review your application. 

Get invited to a group screening interview.

Receive an email response from us (check spam and promotions mail)

Questions? Reach us through


Data Engineer Senior

Full Time
💻 Programación
Remoto en LATAM 📍
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Jan 4

En Aflore buscamos un Ingeniero o Ingeniera de Datos capaz de hacer que los datos y el despliegue de cualquier solución analítica sean procesos simples y fluidos.

Utilizarás todo el poder de AWS con el fin de garantizar que nuestro ecosistema de datos y analítica pueda responder a las necesidades de una FINTECH en crecimiento y completo dinamismo cumpliendo los mayores estándares de calidad a la hora de implementar soluciones de datos.

Tendrás una conexión permanente con todos los equipos: Producto, Operaciones, Ingeniería y por supuesto el equipo de Datos y Analítica manteniendo siempre a nuestros clientes en el centro de la toma de decisiones para asegurar que tengamos un proceso efectivo, eficiente y escalable.


  • Diseñar, construir y mantener junto con el equipo de Datos & Analítica, Ingeniería y los demás líderes de Aflore nuestra evolucionada plataforma analítica de datos.
  • Garantizar los flujos de datos y sus transformaciones necesarias para asegurar el correcto funcionamiento del Datalake y sus modelos analíticos derivados dentro del mismo.
  • Garantizar la existencia de APIs requeridas para asegurar el consumo de datos de forma segura y gobernada.
  • Co-liderar el proceso de despliegue de los procesos analíticos en los ambientes de Desarrollo y Producción utilizando metodologías tipo DevOps/MLOps.
  • Diseñar, construir y Mantener el proceso técnico de monitoreo del Ciclo de Vida de los Datos.
  • Asegurar la convergencia de iniciativas analíticas de Datos mediante la comunicación permanente con los diferentes Líderes de Producto y Operativos.
  • Crear y mantener documentación de arquitectura y sistemas de datos.



  • Experiencia en servicios de AWS tales como (Lambda, EC2, S3, DynamoDB, RedShift, AWS Source Repositories, Glue o API Gateway) o sus similares en otras NUBES como Azure o GCP.
  • Experiencia en despliegue en herramientas de ETL (Apache AirFlow / AWS Glue / Pentaho)
  • Conocimiento de programación Orientada a Objetos en lenguajes como Python y Javascript
  • Experiencia trabajando con metodologías ágiles como SCRUM, KANBAN o similares y también aplicar una metodología de desarrollo y despliegue de código como DeVOps.
  • Tener un nivel de Inglés técnico (Nivel B2 o C1)

Se necesita médico vetrinario

Mr Dog clínica veterinaria
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cali colombia 📍
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Jan 27

se requiere médico veterinario


  • [atención de consultas médicas ]



  • [Documentos al día ]

Asistente Virtual

Full Time
🏢 Administrativo
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Jan 27



Asistente Virtual

Full Time
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Jan 27



Sr. Platform Engineer

Full Time
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Jan 27

Headquarters: Americas

Aha! is a different kind of high-growth SaaS company. We are the world's #1 roadmap software and help people achieve their best. Over 5,000 enterprises and 500,000 product, innovation, and engineering leaders trust our software to build lovable products and be happy doing it. We are self-funded, highly profitable, always distributed, and have no sales team. Being an always-remote company means we hire intrinsically motivated people who love to learn, support their teammates, and want to work from where they are happiest.

Our team

Aha! engineering is a mid-sized, fully remote team that is highly productive. We are centered around North American time zones so we can collaborate during the workday.
  • We move quickly: We ship code multiple times a day. We believe in getting new features in front of customers and iteratively improving as we learn what works and what does not.
  • We collaborate: We each bring unique experiences and skills to the table. Working together to share that knowledge benefits the entire team and helps us produce the best results for our customers.
  • We value product over process: We want the team to have the time and focus to solve complex challenges. We aim to minimize the overhead introduced by heavyweight processes and excessive meetings.
  • We enjoy: We like what we do. And we want you to love your job too. Learn more about The Responsive Method, our company values, and the generous benefits we offer.

Our technology

Our web application is a single-instance, multi-tenant Ruby on Rails monolith supported by Postgres (database), Redis (background jobs), memcached (Rails caching), and Kafka. We also run a Node.js webserver to support collaborative editing and real-time updates. Our application is hosted on Amazon Web Services and architected with ECS for reproducibility and scalability.

We embrace new technologies that help us deliver a lovable product, but we also remain cognizant of the maintenance overhead that a new library or platform brings. We solve the problems in front of us rather than prematurely optimizing to address issues that may never materialize. That said, some of the largest companies in the world store a large amount of their precious strategic data in Aha!, so we do plenty of optimizing too.

We do most of our planning and collaboration in Aha! Roadmaps and built Aha! Develop so that software engineers and their teams could take advantage of those same rich features. We use Slack and Zoom for video calls. (Email? Rarely.)

Your experience

We believe that being a kind person who elevates the rest of the team is just as valuable as writing great code. You have strong problem-solving skills and experience working on important functionality for a cloud-based product. You are humble, eager to learn, and always willing to help others learn as well. You want to work with people who enjoy picking up a problem and solving it, regardless of the technologies and techniques involved. You have worked at meaningful scale before and want to do so again.

We are hosted on AWS and love when we can solve one of our problems by using an AWS product directly. You will be expected to be familiar with the AWS ecosystem, and comfortable managing infrastructure with code. We use Postgres heavily, and you will be expected to coach other developers on how to get the most out of it.

Most of our features involve writing significant Ruby on Rails code, so a meaningful past experience working in a Rails codebase is strongly desired.

Your work at Aha!

As Sr. Platform Engineer, you will support the rest of the engineering team by developing abstractions, frameworks, and tools which help other Aha! engineers build the product. This includes:
  • Building developer tooling such as CI pipelines, local and staging environments, and helpful CLI tools. You will also assist the SRE team in building out monitoring and observability pipelines
  • Building infrastructure services to be used by Aha! product developers. This will usually include writing a reference architecture in our main Rails app
  • Working with the SRE team to write and maintain well-written production runbook and operations documentation
  • Consulting with application developers on performance optimization or scaling challenges

If the Sr. Platform Engineer role sounds appealing, we would love to hear from you. (A real human reviews every application.)

Grow with us

Everyone deserves to reach their fullest potential. We know that when we do work that matters with people we care about in a high-growth environment, we feel engaged and alive. And our goal is to help you do just that. We offer all the benefits you would expect and more, including profit sharing. The specific benefits listed below are reflective of what we offer U.S.-based hires. We also do our best to extend identical benefits to international teammates.
  • Generous salary with annual profit sharing for all
  • Medical, dental, and vision plans — for many teammates, we cover 100 percent of the premiums
  • Up to 200 hours of paid time off a year to spend however you want
  • 30 to 90 days of paid parental leave and five to 10 days of paid care and bereavement leave
  • Up to $1,000 annually for third-party education, along with paid time off to immerse yourself in learning
  • Aha! contributes a percentage of your total compensation each year towards your retirement

Sr. Site Reliability Engineer

Full Time
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Ruby on Rails
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Jan 27

Headquarters: Americas

Aha! is a different kind of high-growth SaaS company. We are the world's #1 roadmap software and help people achieve their best. Over 5,000 enterprises and 500,000 product, innovation, and engineering leaders trust our software to build lovable products and be happy doing it. We are self-funded, highly profitable, always distributed, and have no sales team. Being an always-remote company means we hire intrinsically motivated people who love to learn, support their teammates, and want to work from where they are happiest.

Our team

Aha! engineering is a mid-sized, fully remote team that is highly productive. We are centered around North American time zones so we can collaborate during the workday.
  • We move quickly: We ship code multiple times a day. We believe in getting new features in front of customers and iteratively improving as we learn what works and what does not.
  • We collaborate: We each bring unique experiences and skills to the table. Working together to share that knowledge benefits the entire team and helps us produce the best results for our customers.
  • We value product over process: We want the team to have the time and focus to solve complex challenges. We aim to minimize the overhead introduced by heavyweight processes and excessive meetings.
  • We enjoy: We like what we do. And we want you to love your job too. Learn more about The Responsive Method, our company values, and the generous benefits we offer.

Our technology

Our web application is a single-instance, multi-tenant Ruby on Rails monolith supported by Postgres (database), Redis (background jobs), and memcached (Rails caching). We also run a Node.js webserver to support collaborative editing and real-time updates. Our application is hosted on Amazon Web Services and architected with ECS for reproducibility and scalability.

We embrace new technologies that help us deliver a lovable product, but we also remain cognizant of the maintenance overhead that a new library or platform brings. We solve the problems in front of us rather than prematurely optimizing to address issues that may never materialize.

We do most of our planning and collaboration in Aha! Roadmaps and built Aha! Develop so that software engineers and their teams could take advantage of those same rich features. We use Slack and Zoom for video calls. (Email? Rarely.)

Your experience

We believe that being a kind person who elevates the rest of the team is just as valuable as writing great code. You have strong problem-solving skills and experience working on important functionality for a cloud-based product. You are humble, eager to learn, and always willing to help others learn as well. You want to work with people who enjoy picking up a problem and solving it, regardless of the technologies and techniques involved.

You have helped build and operate a cloud-based SaaS product at considerable scale, and want to do it again. You have plenty of experience building infrastructure using terraform. You are calm under pressure, and respond methodically to anomalies or outages. You love the services you manage to be fast and efficient.

Most of our features involve writing significant Ruby on Rails code, so experience working in a Rails codebase is a big plus.

Your work at Aha!

Site Reliability Engineers at Aha! ensure the platform remains stable, reliable, and secure for the world's biggest and most innovative companies. You will implement significant operations architectural features, contribute to supporting product developers, and consult with product developers whenever there is a concern about performance or scalability. Day to day, this will look like:
  • Setting and monitor SLOs for the organization, working with product and engineering teams to ensure they are met
  • Building and maintaining monitoring, observability, and autoscaling solutions for our own services, as well as those we purchase from AWS
  • Writing and maintaining production runbooks and operations documentation
  • Providing on-call operational support for production on a rotation
  • Assisting platform engineers in building new infrastructure services, and consulting with application engineers to help build fast, reliable features

If the Sr. Site Reliability Engineer role sounds appealing, we would love to hear from you. (A real human reviews every application.)

Grow with us

Everyone deserves to reach their fullest potential. We know that when we do work that matters with people we care about in a high-growth environment, we feel engaged and alive. And our goal is to help you do just that. We offer all the benefits you would expect and more, including profit sharing. The specific benefits listed below are reflective of what we offer U.S.-based hires. We also do our best to extend identical benefits to international teammates.
  • Generous salary with annual profit sharing for all
  • Medical, dental, and vision plans — for many teammates, we cover 100 percent of the premiums
  • Up to 200 hours of paid time off a year to spend however you want
  • 30 to 90 days of paid parental leave and five to 10 days of paid care and bereavement leave
  • Up to $1,000 annually for third-party education, along with paid time off to immerse yourself in learning
  • Aha! contributes a percentage of your total compensation each year towards your retirement

Live Chat Representative (EMEA, M-F, 10am-6pm UTC)
Full Time
🏢 Administrativo
Remoto 🌎
Jan 27

Headquarters: Kitchener, Ontario

In a world of beeps and clicks, Smile reminds us there is a human on the other side of every screen. We are a globally distributed 50+ person company with employees in Canada, the USA, South America, EMEA, and APAC. Our team has a strong emphasis on cross-cultural and timezone collaboration. We've been recognized as a "Best Place to Work" in Canada and look forward to expanding this on a global scale.

Our team is building the loyalty layer of the internet and currently already powers over 80,000 rewards programs, reaching more than 500 million shoppers. Above everything else we strive to make people happy —from the merchant to their consumer, to our own team (yes, our name really is fitting).

About the Team:
The Merchant Experience (MX) Team at Smile is a global team that works to deliver the best possible customer experience 24/7. Our work is highly collaborative which allows for opportunities to work on projects that grow skills beyond just those required for your day-to-day role. We care deeply about the quality of our interactions with merchants and don’t let vanity metrics like ticket volume or time to close drive our actions. Instead, we truly want to help as many merchants as possible grow their businesses, and we ensure that every experience with our team is as delightful and helpful as possible along the way.  

About the Role:
As part of the Live Chat team, you’ll be the first point of contact for both prospective and tenured merchants running their loyalty programs with Smile. One minute you may be helping a new merchant choose the right plan, the next you’ll be guiding a merchant through integrating Smile with another app. Sometimes you’ll have long flowing conversations, other times you’ll be providing a quick solution and moving on. This is a fast-paced role requiring a high degree of organization and concentration. No two hours will the same. You love making connections and empowering people to help themselves. The ultimate success will be merchants coming away from live chat looking forward to the next time they need to get in touch with us. ✨

What You'll Do:

  • Be the first point of contact for both current and prospective Smile merchants, handling up to 2-3 concurrent chats at any given time
  • Help prospective merchants articulate the value of Smile
  • Enable product adoption by facilitating trial access and demonstrating the app’s capabilities
  • Guide tenured merchants through configuration and light optimization 
  • Answer general questions about Smile, provide how-to guidance, and identify & resolve minor issues
  • Be the first line of defense for triaging & light debugging of platform issues 
  • Assist merchants when escalating matters to other teams for more specialized support by setting expectations around follow-up times and next steps
  • Build trust, empathize, and delight merchants by setting the standard for what exceptional support looks like
  • Offer our merchants needs-based solutions, not pushy sales
  • Advocate for merchants by translating their feedback into specific product requirements

Who You Are:

  • Based in EMEA and able to work Monday-Friday 10am-6pm UTC
  • You have an expressive, high-energy personality. Emoji & gifs are your best friends. When a merchant opens a chat, they know there’s a real human on the other end
  • You’re fiercely curious. You want to learn everything, yesterday.
  • You’re your own worst critic and thrive on self-improvement. You aren’t content with settling for the minimum, and you love experimenting with new techniques
  • Keen interest in online tech, startups, web apps, and entrepreneurism
  • Fast-paced environments don’t scare you. Context-switching is the norm
  • Ambiguity is your friend
  • Extremely detail-oriented and organized
  • Love collaborating and being part of a team
  • Proactive and autonomous. You don’t wait for instruction and love taking the initiative to get things done

Bonus If You Have:

  • 1+ years customer service/support / success experience
  • Familiarity with e-commerce platforms such as: Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix Stores, Squarespace, etc
  • Have entrepreneurial instincts, such as experience running a small side hustle
  • Experience working towards team-based goals / KPIs
  • Experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Experience with Intercom
  • Experience working remotely
Our commitment to candidates:
At Smile, we understand that finding a new role is challenging and that self-doubt or imposter syndrome can prevent you from applying to a role, don’t let it! You have a ton to offer and we want you to feel encouraged to apply, even if you don’t check all of the boxes. If you are passionate about eCommerce and helping merchants grow through loyalty and reward, connect with us. 

At Smile, we rely on a range of backgrounds, experiences, and ideas. We value diversity, and we’re proud to be an inclusive, equal opportunity workplace. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.


Sales Development Representative

Full Time
📈 Marketing
Remoto 🌎
Jan 27

Headquarters: West Hollywood

Kinsta is a modern cloud hosting company focused on WordPress hosting. We run our services on cutting-edge technology and we are proud of the level of support we offer to our customers. Our talented and motivated team is scattered across the globe with team members hailing from every continent but Antarctica! We're constantly on the lookout for great talent to join our awesome team. If you’d like to become part of the Kinsta family, just hit apply!

Our client base is growing steadily and we are looking for a motivated Sales Development Representative in the Americas region to act as the first point of contact for potential new customers and to manage and maintain data in Kinsta’s CRM. This is a wonderful entry-level opportunity if you are looking to kickstart your career in sales within a fast-growing, global technology company. 

If you are a tech-savvy young professional who embraces a growth mindset, isn’t afraid to think outside the box, and has a passion for sales, you will be set up for success as Kinsta’s SDR! In this position, you will work closely with our Account Executives and Outbound Sales professionals to enroll outbound leads into prospecting campaigns and lift interest in our products. You will get the chance to gain hands-on experience in researching and attracting potential customers, qualifying leads, working on creative outreach, and managing the sales chat and inbound phone line at the world’s fastest-growing managed hosting company.

What you’ll be doing:
  • Act as the first point of contact for future customers: In this capacity, you will be instrumental in explaining Kinsta’s vision and services, presenting opportunities, and driving interest in our products. Through lead generation activities, cold calling, and managing the sales chat and inbound phone line, you will prospect, educate, qualify, and develop leads.
  • Qualify opportunities for the Account Executives at Kinsta through the use of the CRM.
  • Proactively book meetings for the Account Executives as qualified opportunities are surfaced through the use of the chat tool and the inbound phone sales line.
  • Update HubSpot contact, company, and deal records and continuously seek to improve the accuracy of content in Hubspot.
  • Research and participate in outbound lead generation campaigns.
  • Enroll outbound leads into prospecting campaigns to qualify opportunities further and lift prospect interest in Kinsta products.

Who you are:
  • 1-2 years of work experience, preferably in sales development or in a similar role.
  • Experience in or comfortable with cold calling, written outreach, and video.
  • Near-native proficiency in English and exceptional writing skills.
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Tech-savvy, with a strong interest in technology.

Bonus points:
  • Prior experience in sales or basic knowledge of the hosting industry is a bonus.
  • Showing a strong interest in sales through a sales development certificate is a significant advantage.
  • Familiarity with HubSpot Sales or Salesforce.
  • Fluency in a second Kinsta language beyond English. Languages we’re currently targeting include Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

What we offer:
  • Fully remote culture with a globally distributed, international team. You can work anywhere with appropriate internet access
  • We offer a flexible and relaxed working environment where everyone can work in peace
  • In order to ensure that everyone has time to rest and recharge, we offer Flexible paid time off
  • Our positions offer a great deal of opportunity to learn and grow with the company

Senior Software Developer - Python (EU & South America)

Full Time
💻 Programación
Remoto 🌎
Jan 26

Headquarters: Remote

Your background:

  • You have extensive experience in developing complex software systems. We mainly work with Python/Django, but it is also ok if you are more comfortable with other languages. 
  • Since you will work side by side with colleagues from different countries, you will be able to communicate clearly and concisely your ideas in English both written and spoken. 
  • We look for developers that can “build and run” services. Therefore, you will be comfortable with dockerising your code, defining standard REST end points, adding monitoring and alerting your services.
  • SQL knowledge is a plus.
  • Quality is important to us, we expect your code to be testable and well covered with unit and integration tests. We use CI Jenkins pipelines and terraform for the deployment of services and infrastructure. From time to time, you might need to contribute to it.
The project:

  • You will contribute to the development of a transactional banking platform, focusing on receiving and issuing payments in more than 140 currencies. 
  • Our platform is a single platform (20+ Services) with 3 distinct channels for users to access our core functionality:
  • for our front office staff, 
  • Online banking portal build with Vue.js and 
  • a Rest API for 3rd party integrations.
  • Build and Run services in production. Using tools such as Jenkins, Terraform, Sentry, Prometheus, ELK.. you and your team will be responsible for achieving Service Level Objectives for your code.
  • Work with cross-functional product and technology teams across the company to build new features at large and multi-region scale.
  • All of these run smoothly in Docker containers on AWS ECS and Kubernetes.
What we offer:

  • Being part of a remote-first distributed technology team that cares deeply about culture and best practices, and believes in agile principles.
  • Clear career progression framework with regular reviews.
  • Continued personal development through training and certification.
  • Contribute to our technical design through our open and collaborative Request For Comments (RFC) process.
  • We are Open Source friendly, following Open Source principles in our internal projects and encouraging contributions to external projects.
  • An in-depth onboarding process to make you feel part of the team from your first day.
Due to our remote-first organisation and our remote-focused onboarding system, you will feel a crucial part of the team since day 1. Curious about what working remotely is like at Ebury? Take a look here and see what our remotes say about us!

If there’s something that you can do in our Tech team, it is growing professionally: thanks to our career path and our collaborative and cross-working teams, every day is a new adventure.


Brand Copywriter (EMEA or Americas)

Full Time
📈 Marketing
video production
Remoto 🌎
Jan 26

Headquarters: Malta

Please do not apply for this role if you are not physically located in Europe, Africa, the Middle East (UTC-1 to UTC+3) or the Americas (UTC-5/Eastern time zone, specifically). While this is a remote position, we can not consider candidates that are not based in these regions. You can find a detailed explanation in our Recruitment FAQs.

At Hotjar, we’re creating Product Experience Insights software for digital product teams. We help show how users behave and what they feel strongly about, so product teams can deliver real value, fast.

We believe that a company's brand is an essential part of its identity. We want to build a brand that communicates what we stand for both our vision and our values. We’re not there yet.

Reporting to the Brand & Creative Lead, we’re looking for a Brand Copywriter to collaborate with Hotjar’s brand team on campaigns that range from social, to advertising, video production, events, and anything else we haven’t dreamed up yet.

You’re able to translate ideas from the first spark into final assets and stories, and beyond, always leveraging data and the voice of our customers to shape the words you use. You comfortably verify your ideas on a smaller scale, before diving into larger projects. You love collaborating with designers, copywriters, marketers, and the rest of the Hotjar team.

You will:
  • Report to the Brand & Creative Lead
  • Write copy for many types of assets, from video to ads, social, sites, events, and more
  • Collaboratively brainstorm ideas with the brand team to hit our goals
  • Get to know our customers and base your decision making on what you learned from them
  • Use data to verify your decisions and further improve the impact of your copy work
  • Fall back onto a pool of freelancers to support in copywriting when necessary
  • Work with Hotjar’s existing style guide and tone of voice and update it if required

Job requirements: 
  • A portfolio that shows your love for words, copywriting and storytelling
  • Previous experience writing brand awareness campaigns in a similar industry (ideally in-house, or agency)
  • Excellent level of English
  • Proven track record of testing and improving copy
  • Desire to work in a respectful, transparent, and collaborative work environment, following Hotjar’s company values, culture and ways of working
  • Must submit to a background check confidentially processed by our third-party

Compensation Range

The compensation range for this role is €60,000 to €80,000 or $70,000 to $90,000 annually. This was established after performing market research and is aligned with our approach to compensation. We encourage all candidates to read our Recruitment FAQs to further understand our approach to compensation and how we structure our contracts.

In addition to the monetary compensation, we provide all team members with an assortment of unique and popular perks chosen to reflect our values and ideals, be it encouraging constant learning with our Personal Development Budget, a great work/life balance with the annual leave and Holiday Budget, or a happy, healthy team with our Wellbeing Budget.

Hotjar pledges to be a harassment-free and discrimination-free company, committed to equal opportunity. We believe people from different backgrounds, with different identities and experiences, make our product—and our company—better.


Technical Communications Lead

Development Seed
Full Time
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Jan 22

Headquarters: Washington, DC | Lisbon, Portugal | Ayacucho, Peru

Development Seed seeks a storyteller and communications strategist to create and share insights about our planet. You will tell compelling stories with earth and location data, using tools created by Development Seed and our global partners to advance concerns surrounding the climate, conservation efforts, and social justice. You will advocate for actionable, accessible earth data by continually producing valuable open analysis and stories. 

As the first communications professional at Development Seed, you will have a significant role in shaping our voice and communications strategy. You will amplify Development Seed values and messaging throughout geospatial and open source communities. 

We believe in the power of data to enable decision-makers to solve the world’s toughest problems. We help NASA manage planetary-scale satellite data, work with the World Bank to expand electricity access and renewable energy, and built Washington Post’s live election maps seen by millions. At our core, Development Seed is an impact-driven organization, working to make positive social and environmental change by providing stakeholders with the information they need to make smart, well-informed decisions. We embrace diversity as a strength and believe that teams with a variety of perspectives and backgrounds deliver rich and humane data products.

As a communications lead, you will:

  • Show, not tell. You will evangelize for accessible and actionable earthdata by producing compelling, actionable open geospatial analysis and stories.
  • Lead Development Seed communications strategy and advance our values and messages in blogs, talks, and other channels.
  • Communicate complex technical data and concepts in ways that resonate with non-technical decision-makers.
  • Support rich data storytelling in our project work, helping our partners—big and small—to make greater impact with their data.

About You

You are deeply curious, love digging into data and have a knack for drawing out stories that other people find compelling. You are good at making complex concepts digestible and sticky.

You have experience regularly producing data-driven communications products—perhaps as a journalist, data scientist, information designer, technical writer, or communications professional. You are familiar with earthdata and geospatial data and tools OR have the ability to quickly develop a working understanding of earthdata tools and concepts through self-guided research.

You are creative and enjoy storytelling in all its forms - oral, visual, written, and digital. To be successful in this role you need to know where the story is.

Bonus points for sharing: 
  • A story that you’ve published (self-published is fine) that leverages complex data and maps.
  • How you’ve driven a positive outcome on behalf of an organization or endeavor through thoughtful, strategic communications.

As a Development Seed team member, you:

  • Collaborate — Working as a team makes us stronger than any individual contributor. You write clear Github tickets and communicate effectively on Slack and in-person.
  • Learn — We constantly evolve our technology stack and techniques to deliver the best work to our partners. You don’t need to know any particular design library or toolset upfront but you need to demonstrate you’re able and excited to learn new ways to design.
  • Care about the world and believe that we can do better — Social change is the foundation of everything we do. You are impatient about solving the world’s toughest challenges.

Not sure you tick all the boxes? We encourage you to apply. We have a culture of learning, and if this job description sounds exciting, we’d love to hear from you.

Development Seed embraces diversity and equal opportunity in a serious way. We are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. The more inclusive we are, the better our work will be.

Senior eCommerce Strategist

Vaan Group
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Jan 22

Headquarters: New York City, NY

Senior eCommerce Strategist

A little background:

Hi there! Let's make this personal. My name is Xavier Armand and I am the co-founder and CEO of The Vaan Group ( a design and technology agency with headquarters in NY.  We’re looking to hire a eCommerce Strategist to join our team.  

Our clients range from large e-commerce enterprises, to successful direct to consumer e-commerce brands, to startups high-growth startups. You can see the full range client work/portfolio at our website.

We’re a realistic group, not looking for rockstar ninja wizards. Our team resides (or is working from) New York City, Warsaw, Berlin, Bergen, Seville, London, Punta Cana, Sao Paolo, Algiers, Dubai and Rotterdam. 

What we’re looking for

We’re looking for someone who gets excited about selling products on the internet. Our goal is to help our clients make more through their eCommerce store and you like figuring out all the ways to do that. You like landing pages. You understand the power of copy. You recognize how a website’s design can influence desired actions. But most of all, you get excited when a company starts making more $$$.

We’d love someone with DTC marketing experience, marketing agency, eCommerce agency, or similar background preferred.

  • Day to day responsibilities include:
  • Lots of collaborative brainstorming sessions with designers, developers, and product managers to come up with new, creative ways to help our clients improve KPIs (i.e LTV, AOV, CRV, UPT, etc). If you aren’t sure what these are, this role is probably not the right fit for you.
  • Reviewing application and software landscape to find new tools to help our clients reach their goals
  • Generate A/B & usability testing ideas and define testing roadmap based on effort v. impact
  • Communicate directly with clients to define goals and develop ideas
  • Present ideas with clarity to internal team and external stakeholders
  • Produce bi-weekly/monthly CRO audit report
  • Conduct usability testing (via User Testing)
  • Produce monthly CRO reports
  • Shopify experience a plus
Other things you should know: 

  • Salary commensurate with experience
  • We offer 10 vacation days plus 20 PTO days
  • We offer benefits such as employer-sponsored healthcare coverage, qualifying equipment stipends depending on where you’re located
  • We offer a transparent employee-bonus and raise program


Senior Software Engineer (JavaScript / Node / React)

Finale Inventory
Full Time
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Jan 21

Headquarters: Palo Alto, CA

What we do

The vision of a smooth running business is what unites the team at Finale Inventory. We’ve worked with small and medium businesses for nearly ten years creating a SaaS inventory management system that is precisely adaptable to the finest details of each customer's processes. Coupled with offering world-class on-boarding, training and support, the solution helps companies get ever closer to the vision of a smooth running business.

We’re a fully bootstrapped company that has built a thriving business grounded on long term relationships with our customers and employees. Not having outside investors keeps us focused on building sustainable growth based on our revenues.

How We Work

Our team has been fully remote since the company’s inception. We make remote work work by trusting each other, collaborating with each other, and focusing on results over process.

  • Trust: We hold quarterly meetings to review the product roadmap and the company’s profit and loss statement with the entire team. We trust each other to understand the company’s business goals and the needs of our customers, and then we trust each other to do their best to achieve those goals.
  • Collaboration: We work together across disciplines to achieve our goals. We ask questions, answer them, and learn from each other. Everyone has a voice.
  • Results: We have just enough process for the size of our company, but no more. We take pride in solving our customers’ problems whether by providing good service or by creating the software that they need. We limit the number of meetings and keep them focused and efficient.

We have team members in North America, South America, and Europe and are headquartered in Northern California. Engineers are responsible for designing and delivering features that delight customers and grow the business, building features end-to-end working directly with customers to make sure they meet our users' needs.

Our engineering environment

We have a disciplined development process that moves quickly but not chaotically. We meet biweekly to plan sprints based on task breakdowns from the person doing the work. We ship code multiple times per day. We deliver quality software by applying multiple best practices including automated unit/integration tests, working in small batches, peer code reviews, and automated deployments. We rapidly revert or fix issues discovered by our extensive alerting and tight integration with our service team. We improve our processes over time using blameless postmortems after serious issues. We invest in developer efficiency by, among other things, ensuring tests complete reliably without intermittent failures and steadily refactoring code for simplicity.

Engineers are responsible for understanding our customers and their problems. They use judgement to design features in conjunction with our business operations team that delight users. To foster understanding, engineers interact regularly with customers when fixing issues and by periodically shadowing our business operations team on sales or service calls.

The major components of our technology stack are Node.js, React, MySQL, Redis, Linux, and AWS. Our JavaScript code uses modern idioms such as functional reactive programming. We also use C++ compiled to WebAssembly and also compiled as a native Node.js module for performance critical code. We use GitHub, Slack, Zoom, and for collaboration. We do NOT use Jira.

Who you are

You are an experienced engineer that has previously shipped commercial software using the technologies in our stack as part of a team. You believe that doing is more important than talking, and understand the difference between activity and action. You are familiar with modern software development practices (such as automated testing and continuous deployment) even if you haven’t had a chance to use them in your professional work. Even if you don’t have a degree in computer science, you have learned the essentials of data structures, algorithms, operating systems, databases, networking, computer architecture, and concurrent programming.

You live in North America, South America, or Europe and are able to frequently collaborate with your colleagues between the hours of 9am and 2pm in the US Pacific time zone. English may not be your first language, but you are nearly fluent when conversing about technical or business topics.

What you will do

You will be writing and shipping code on our core product. Depending on your specific skills and interests you will be:
  • Adding end user facing features such as Amazon FBA replenishment or built-in business intelligence screens. You will be responsible for building expertise around our customer's needs, based on that experience developing features that delight our customers, and delivering high quality code. This work is mostly in JavaScript using React and Node.js.
  • Improving performance and capability of our core engine that calculates stock levels, cost of goods sold, and other business metrics (mostly in C++ )
  • Adding capabilities to the system that synchronizes data between our system and external applications the customer is using (e.g. Shopify, QuickBooks, Amazon Marketplace, etc.).
In addition to shipping code, you will use your experience to regularly contribute to the overall engineering direction of the company.

Benefits and Perks

  • Work from anywhere
  • Competitive salary
  • Annual bonus plan based on company performance
  • Liquidity event bonus plan triggered by any sale of the company
  • Great medical, dental, and vision coverage (US employees only)
  • 401k retirement plan with company contribution (US employees only)
  • Flexible working hours
  • Local public holidays + paid time off
  • Computer and software setup

Hiring Process

Candidates communicate directly with Chris Hondl, our co-founder and CTO, during the interview process. Chris will review resumes and credentials of all applicants. Agencies and contracting firms will not be considered. Selected applicants will have between five and seven remote interviews, some of which involve coding using Zoom screen share in an editor of your choice. Interviews are scheduled at the mutual convenience of the applicant and the interviewer. In most circumstances we do not use take home coding challenges. Generally interviews are completed in six to nine business days. All applicants who are invited to interview will receive an email stating whether or not they have been offered a position.


Product Manager (Growth)

Carb Manager
Full Time
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Jan 21

Headquarters: Seattle, Washington, United States

Hi there! 👋

We're Carb Manager, and our mission is to promote and support healthy and sustainable eating lifestyles. We're looking for a Product Manager to help us validate, shape and deliver our many ideas and initiatives.

Carb Manager is the #1 health and fitness app for people on low-carb, Keto, and other macros-focused diets, available on iOS, Android, and the web. Altogether, we've helped over 8 million people lose weight and achieve their health goals. Carb Manager is a top health and fitness app in the iOS App Store, with a 4.8/5 rating with over 500,000 five-star reviews.

This is an amazing company to work for. We offer:

  • The benefits of a work-from-home lifestyle.
  • The reach and impact of an established brand.
  • The energy and dynamism of a startup.
  • The stability of a profitable company with strong financials.
  • A creative, entrepreneurial, friendly, and supportive culture.
  • The ability to make a real, positive impact on the world.

Here are some of the areas you would be responsible for:

  • Leading a product squad to validate and develop features.
  • Helping us shape new ideas to maximise the impact for our users in line with our business priorities.
  • Driving initiatives that help new users discover the benefits Carb Manager can bring to their life.


The main skills we're looking for are:

  • You have 2-3 years of experience as a product manager or similar role
  • Ideally, you bring a growth mindset (mixing marketing and optimising in-app features).
  • You're excited about learning and improving our users' experience.
  • You're flexible and adaptable.
  • Knowledge of scrum/agile and experience running a team.
  • You know how to work with teams across the company, form a relationship with them and keep them by your side as you develop the product.

Some other skills that would be a cherry on top:

  • Experience with market research and data analysis.
  • A keen mind for coming up with small experiments to validate growth opportunities.
  • Exposure and experience with growth loops.
  • Familiarity with SEO best practices.
  • Knowledge of affiliate marketing.
  • You're comfortable around people you just met (i.e. our users) and can ask deep questions to understand where they're coming from.
  • You have a passion for health & fitness, an in-depth knowledge of the ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting, and the science of metabolic health.

Since we are a remote team, you'll need to have:

  • Your own dedicated workspace.
  • High-quality internet access.


We're a fun, friendly, talented group of product-minded professionals, who love designing features that delight and support our customers, learning new technologies, sharing memes, and swapping recipes. Our team hails from all corners of the globe, from the Americas to New Zealand to the Canary Islands.

  • Work from anywhere
  • Highly competitive salary
  • Medical / dental / vision coverage
  • 401(k) option for U.S. employees
  • 12 paid holidays
  • Generous vacation and personal days policy
  • Annual retreat, when travel becomes possible again
  • Fun, friendly, and talented coworkers
  • The opportunity to make a positive change in the lives of millions
  • Health & wellness stipend

Be sure to mention the words USER IS EVERYTHING when applying to show you've read the job post thoroughly. This is a beta feature to avoid spam applicants.


🌎 Worldwide


Social Media & Community Manager

Full Time
📈 Marketing
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Jan 20

Headquarters: Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

About Microverse

We believe the place where you are born shouldn't determine your opportunities in life. We provide access to global opportunities by offering a world-class education no matter where you come from.

Microverse is an online school for software developers where students learn to work remotely with people from around the world. Students don't pay tuition until they get hired and start a global career. As of today, we have students in 100+ countries, and more than 90% of our alumni get a job within 6 months with an average salary increase of 240% working for companies like Microsoft, and VMWare.

We are backed by amazing investors worldwide, including Y Combinator, Northzone, General Catalyst, and many world-class angel investors, such as Paul Graham, Paul Buchheit (the creator of Gmail), Kevin Hartz (the founder of Eventbrite), and Erica Brescia (Github's COO).

We are a passionate and fast-moving team of global citizens working remotely from 12+ countries. Being remote-first and transparent, we take pride in the amazing remote culture we are building, while also making time for in-person time with team members around the world. We are a small but mighty team of curious, life-long learners, who love tackling challenges and helping shape the future of education.

Talent is universal, but opportunity is not. We're on a mission to change that. With the recent closing of our Series A, there has never been a more exciting time to join our growing team.

About the Role

Microverse is looking for an experienced and driven bilingual Social Media & Community Manager to lead our organic social strategy, schedule, and manage our social content and lead community management for our applicants. This person will own our organic social across our current channels - Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. They will be in charge of working with a designer/team to create and ideate new social content (images, videos, text, gifs, etc), schedule our weekly social media content across channels, and engage with and moderate comments on our paid ads via Facebook.

As the Social Media and Community Manager, you will report to the Head of Marketing and work closely with the Marketing and Admission teams. You should have strong social media and community management experience at a B2C company or startup. The ideal candidate will be a passionate, hands-on, social-savvy, and customer-centric professional who is ready to join a high-growth startup.

  • Lead our organic social strategy, content, and community management across our current channels in English and Spanish - Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube
  • Work with a designer to ideate and create new social content, and review content and scheduling of our weekly social media content across channels
  • Perform reporting on key social metrics across all channels
  • Act on the behalf of our brand in English and Spanish, moderating and engaging with comments and community members across our social channels
  • Suggest improvements to our social media and community management processes and communications
  • Help organize and facilitate local events (done remotely) with brand ambassadors and local community members
  • Help establish our brand as a thought leader in the ed-tech and future of work space
  • Help us identify and strategize around which new social channels to enter
  • Help lead, coordinate, and schedule our applicant-facing webinars
  • Respond to questions and perform community management at applicant webinars
  • Help launch other exciting social, content, or community initiatives, including but not limited to launching new channels, recording video and audio content, etc.
  • Help create our brand ambassador program and work to build out the community

Experience & Skills Requirements
  • Bilingual social media manager, fluent in English and Spanish
  • Excellent written communication skills and attention to detail
  • 2+ years’ experience and a track record of success working as a social media and community manager for a B2C brand, preferably a startup
  • Proven success in designing and implementing an effective social media strategy
  • Experienced working with and strategizing across social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit, LinkedIn)
  • Experience acting as and helping humanize a brand
  • Are analytical and data-driven, and enjoy working iteratively and experimenting
  • Ability to work autonomously and make decisions in a fast-changing environment

You ideally...
  • Are eager to experiment and learn
  • Experience working remotely for a fast-growing startup
  • Consider yourself a global citizen and are passionate about making opportunities more equally distributed around the world
  • Are based in Europe/Americas/Africa (for max. timezone overlap with the rest of the team)
  • Are familiar with working with modern tools such as Buffer, Intercom, etc.
  • Demonstrate a passion for the learning and education sector
  • Include the word "sunshine" in your cover letter. 

Salary Description

At Microverse, salaries are transparent and based on location and experience. The salary range for this role is $43,523.31 - $106,119.23 and we used Medellin and London for the range benchmarks. Some example salaries for locations are below:
  • Medellin: $43,523.31 - $53,831.46
  • Mexico City: $50,358.66 - $62,285.71
  • Miami: $65,848.01 - $81,443.59
  • London: $85,798.53 - $106,119.23
The equity compensation for this role is 0.052% - 0.064%.

Core Working Hours

At Microverse, we strive to work asynchronously as much as possible in order to make global remote collaboration effective and efficient. However, we have core hours where every team member is expected to be available for meetings. Core hours at Microverse are 10:30 am to 12:30 pm Eastern Time, USA. If you live on the West Coast of North America or in East Africa/Europe, this will probably impact your daily schedule more than other team members.

Why you might be excited about us
  • Opportunity to join a fast-growing, mission-driven company and make a positive impact on thousands of people around the world.
  • Leading all-remote working culture.
  • International company retreats with our global team once every ~9 months.
  • Meet-the-team travel allowance.
  • Learning and development stipend for books, courses, and conferences.
  • Hardware & office set up stipend.
  • Unlimited PTO and 12 weeks fully-paid parental leave.
  • Work alongside our fully distributed team from 12+ different countries.
  • This position is a full-time remote position.
  • Our team believes in and embodies our core values:
    1. We are global citizens
    2. We are passionate about our mission
    3. We invest in people
    4. We are eager learners
    5. We are transparent
    6. We take ownership of our work
    7. We live a harmonious life

How to Apply
  • Send us a short paragraph telling us why you think you are a great fit for this position and include the keyword in the job listing to make sure that you read the entire job description. Applications without an introduction including the keyword will not be moved forward in the process.
  • This position is a full-time remote position.

Hiring Process
  • If you pass the first screening, we will invite you to the second step of our hiring process where we use a tool called Hireflix to ask a few questions. We use this tool to promote asynchronous communication and to achieve a more objective initial screening - both of which are very important in our remote environment.
  • Following steps: Interview with the hiring manager, short take-home assignment, general and cultural fit interview with a team member, and finally, a cultural fit interview with our CEO.

Microverse is an equal opportunity employer and acts in this capacity without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or disability.


Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer

Full Time
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Jan 20

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

📍 Remote, South America

CloudForecast is growing! We're looking for our next full-stack software developer to help us build and grow the best AWS cost management solution. You’ll be employee #4, which means you’ll be an integral part of our company's growth and future. 

⛑ What you'll do 

  • Work directly and collaborate with the CTO and CEO (and our users!) to determine new features and development goals.
  • Leading the process of architecting, designing, developing, and building new features that bring value to SRE, Eng Leadership, DevOps Engineers.
  • Take ownership of projects from start to finish and collaborate on key road-map product decisions. 
  • Collaborate, guide, and mentor current and future engineering team members. 
  • Solve technical problems of high scope and complexity. 
  • Troubleshoot, support, and collaborate on user-reported issues 

📖 Requirements & Experience 

  • 7-10+ years of full-stack software development experience 
  • Experience and interest in working on a SaaS app 
  • Strong experience and proficiency in Ruby on Rails 
  • Knowledgeable in JavaScript framework’s (ReactJS ideally) 
  • Comfortable building full-stack features from scratch 
  • Strong verbal and written English communication skills 
  • Organized, flexible, and adaptable in an extremely fast-paced tech startup environment. 
  • Empathy towards users' feedback and problems. 

⭐️ Bonus points (but, not required!) 

  • Experience in running complex background jobs 
  • Experience designing and building complex dashboards (data management and visualization) 
  • AWS certified or have an interest in this area 
  • Startup and small team experience 
  • Spanish speaking 
  • Interest in writing technical content on our blog 

👋 About CloudForecast 

Hello! Francois here, the technical co-founder of CloudForecast. Along with my co-founder, Tony, we're building an ambitious, profitable, and (mostly) bootstrapped SaaS startup that helps companies eliminate wasted costs on AWS. 
We started this journey in 2017, got into the TinySeed Accelerator program last year and we’re ready to make our second software engineering hire to help us move fast on product and features related to AWS costs. This is an exciting time for us since we're growing, but that also means we need to continually meet the demands of our users to help them solve fun and complex AWS cost problems. 
In terms of our culture and what we value, we try not to take ourselves seriously and have fun building CloudForecast. We understand that we all have lives outside of work, and we want to ensure there is a good work-life balance. However, that also comes with fully trusting each other, communicating well, delivering what we say, and taking full ownership of projects. 
⛈️ We really need this hire to bring creative ideas, grow and mentor our team and take ownership of projects. 
In addition, we want to make sure our personalities and work styles mesh and compliment each other. That will be just as important as the technical skills you bring to the table. After all, we will be talking and working with each other every day. We're looking for good people who care deeply about the work they produce. 

💯 Perks and What we can offer 

  • Possible future paid-off site opportunity (when it's safe to do so!) 
  • 10 full vacation days per calendar year. 
  • Paid time off on all major national holidays (based on countries calendar) 
  • Work directly with CloudForecast founders 
  • Exposure to other parts of the business and ability to shape the direction of a fast-growing company. 
  • Employee stock option available 
  • Employee #4 

Hiring Process 

  • 30-minute screener interview 
  • 30-minute CEO interview 
  • 45-60 minute CTO technical interview 
  • Technical assessment (time will be compensated for) 
  • 30-minute interview with the engineering team 
  • Interview with a company advisor 
  • Reference checks

IT Support Specialist (EMEA)

Full Time
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Remoto 🌎
Jan 20

Headquarters: Malta

Please do not apply for this role if you are not physically located in Europe, Africa or the Middle East (UTC-1 to UTC+3). While this is a remote position, we can not consider candidates that are not based in these regions. You can find a detailed explanation in our Recruitment FAQs.

At Hotjar, we're creating Product Experience Insights software for digital product teams. We help show how users behave and what they feel strongly about, so product teams can deliver real value, fast.

Reporting to the Business Operations Lead, we're looking for an IT Support Specialist to manage our IT tools, processes, and support for our internal team of 220+ team members spread throughout Europe, Africa, and the Americas (35+ countries in total). We use 100+ SaaS tools in a fully remote environment on a mix of Mac, Windows, and Unix-based operating systems on our laptops.

This is our first dedicated IT support role and you will be building many processes from scratch, working on a wide range of IT projects including ordering and configuring laptops, configuring event tools, and rolling out request systems to our team. You'll work collaboratively with everyone from our Business Enablement Engineering team to our Brand and People Ops teams. We're looking for someone who's hands-on, enjoys IT support, and can think operationally.

You Will:

  • Manage the configuration of and access to company tools

  • Manage laptop procurement, laptop stock, refresh cycles, and laptop disposals

  • Remotely provide day to day support to our remote team including technical assistance across software and hardware issues

  • Prepare guides and documentation on best practices for our laptops and internal tools

  • Collaborate with our internal engineering teams and Operations teams to build automation and streamline processes

  • Provide IT technical support at company-wide events

  • 2+ years of IT support experience

  • Ability to troubleshoot common hardware and software issues

  • Willingness to do detailed and administrative tasks

  • Experience providing "remote assistance"

  • Proficiency with Windows and Mac OS operating systems required, (Unix / Linux experience is a plus)

  • Desire to work in a respectful, transparent, and collaborative work environment, following Hotjar's company values, culture and ways of working.

  • Must submit to a background check confidentially processed by our third-party.

Compensation Range:

The compensation range for this role is €55,000 to €80,000 annually. This was established after performing market research and is aligned with our approach to compensation. We encourage all candidates to read our Recruitment FAQs to further understand our approach to compensation and how we structure our contracts.

In addition to the monetary compensation, we provide all team members with an assortment of unique and popular perks chosen to reflect our values and ideals, be it encouraging constant learning with our Personal Development Budget, a great work/life balance with the annual leave and Holiday Budget, or a happy, healthy team with our Wellbeing Budget.

Hotjar pledges to be a harassment-free and discrimination-free company, committed to equal opportunity. We believe people from different backgrounds, with different identities and experiences, make our product, and our company, better.


Front End (React) Engineer

Instinct Science
Full Time
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Remoto 🌎
Jan 17

Headquarters: Greater Philadelphia, PA

Meet Instinct 👋
Instinct Science is a growing Greater Philadelphia-based animal health company working on unique technology solutions for state-of-the-art veterinary hospitals across the globe. 
We’re seeking an experienced Front End Engineer who is looking for a new career opportunity to be the next member of our growing 50-person team. 
The Instinct team is fully distributed, thus geographic location isn’t important as long as you can overlap with our regular business hours (Mon-Fri 8-5 ET).
Position Summary 🐱‍💻 
You will join the Instinct team alongside other experienced engineers to work on creating new features for our growing products. Your contributions and leadership will greatly influence the usability and usefulness of the product.
The ideal candidate is efficient, organized, detail-oriented, and motivated to work on challenging yet meaningful work that has the potential to shape an entire profession.
Day-to-day work will consist of planning and building new features, being available to your team members, reviewing code, documenting upcoming projects, and releasing your work to our users. You will be part of a close-knit team that is working hard for a better product each day.
Technology at Instinct 👨‍💻
* Typescript, HTML, CSS, React, Apollo, Electron
* Jest, React Testing Library
* Elixir, Phoenix, Absinthe, Docker
* Node
* PostgreSQL, Redis
* AWS, CircleCI, Github Actions
* Papertrail, Sentry
* Github, Jira, Slack
We’re Looking for Someone With ⚡
* At least 3 years of experience building JavaScript applications
* Deep understanding of JavaScript and React
* A high bar for code quality and user experience
* Ability to think creatively about problems and develop features that solve them foundationally
* Intuition to challenge and improve our user interface
* Excitement for building critical interfaces for veterinary hospitals
* Strong communication skills
Bonus Experience 💡
* Previous work on health care, medical records, veterinary, or enterprise software
* Previous remote position, preferably as part of a small team
A Sneak Peek of Your Role at Instinct 🔭
The Instinct team consists of a unique mix of veterinary and technology experts who offer years of experience developing and commercializing point-of-care software for the veterinary industry. 
Instinct fosters a diverse, inclusive, transparent, and fun work environment. As a fully distributed team, we value teammates with strong communication and organizational skills. We’re building a company that reflects our care for every individual, treating each team member well by going out of our way to help one another in the short-term and pushing for growth in the long-term. 
The development team values collaboration and learning together. We meet weekly for team building, engineering discussions, and book club learnings together.
We’re guided by one thing: helping veterinary hospital teams excel. To that end, your work contributions will greatly shape the workflows, staff happiness, and patient care for some of the most advanced veterinary centers on the planet.
Salary and Benefits Highlights 🌞
* We offer a supportive, innovative, caring work environment
* We pay our team well (flexible based on experience, targeting $120-140K USD/yr base)
* We give our team owner-like flexibility over work and time off
* We offer health, vision, dental insurance, and 401K
* We offer a generous home office and professional development stipend
* We provide all-expense-paid travel to hospitals and our retreats
Learn More About Us 👓 - Corporate website - Our new blog called Pick the Brain that has articles that will help you understand a little more about how we engage and help our customers—besides writing awesome software.

Instinct Science is a greater Philadelphia-based animal health company that helps the world’s state-of-the-art veterinary practices streamline their care through medically-driven invoicing and thoughtful automation. Find out more at
Our project is supported by the Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern PA, an initiative of the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development funded by the Ben Franklin Technology Development Authority.
Instinct is an equal opportunity employer committed to providing a work environment free from harassment or discrimination in any form. All qualified applicants will be considered for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, family or parental status, national origin, ancestry, veteran, or disability status.

Junior QA Engineer

Full Time
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Remoto 🌎
Jan 15

Headquarters: Fully Remote

Probably the most important component in our ability to succeed as a product, team, and company is the trust of our customers. Our customers trust us enough to include us in their stack, to allow us to display content to their users, and to rely on us to be the bridge between their intentions and their users' understanding.

However, in building software, there are naturally edges and unexpected and unforeseen hiccups. We are looking for a Junior QA Engineer to help us catch these issues before they ever come close to our customers sites.

Our engineering team operates within a test-driven development environment, and our full company participates in weekly manual regression testing. We are committed to product quality but are looking for help in automating tasks and building a system that fails safely and catches issues by default

You will be a key member of the engineering and product team and your hard work will help us increase our product velocity and build new functionality to better serve our market.

What you will do specifically
You will be deeply involved in our product/feature release flow, alongside proactively building our testing capabilities. Key activities we expect you to do include:
  • Build and improve our testing approach and culture
  • Develop and maintain automated functional regression tests
  • Conduct manual product testing efficiently and effectively
  • Scrutinize any bugs and errors identified during testing and support in their resolution
  • Help identify problematic aspects of our product and collaborate on resolutions
  • Support with our customer-facing teams to ensure we are responding to issues quickly

Skills and experience that will aid success in this role
  • 1+ years in a software QA role, testing web applications / SaaS
  • 1+ years of startup (<50 employees) experience
  • Fluency with our stack: JS, HTML, CSS, React
  • Comfort in writing and running testing suites
  • Independent and self-motivated mindset; proactive in finding solutions while able to structure your own work with minimal management

Other requirements
  • You have a fully functioning workspace and a quiet place to work / take calls with a high-speed internet connection
  • You are in an Americas or European timezone (i.e. based in 🇨🇦 🇲🇽 🇧🇷 🇨🇱 🇬🇧 🇫🇮 🇵🇹 🇪🇺 🇿🇦 etc.)
  • This is your full-time job (no other part-time roles)
  • Fluency (written and verbal) in English

Learn more about what it is like to work with us at Chameleon 🤗!

Humbly Confident Product Designer

You Need A Budget (YNAB)
Full Time
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Product Marketing
Remoto 🌎
Jan 15


About Us and Why We’re Hiring

We build “You Need a Budget,” the best budgeting software around. (But people in the know call us YNAB, which is pronounced “why-nab.”) For more than a decade, people have been buying YNAB and then telling their friends what a difference it has made in their lives. Google us, or read some of our reviews on the app store, and you’ll see what we mean. We love building something that has a huge positive impact on people’s lives.

We’re a software ecosystem that includes personal budgeting apps for web, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Android phones. Our mission is to make sure the whole world knows that a budget is the best life and financial planning tool ever invented—and help make it simple and joyful to use one.

If you’re the product designer we’re looking for, you have experience designing great interfaces and experiences for most of the platforms listed above. More importantly, you’re a designer who views your job as that of a problem solver. You have a knack for interaction design and love logical UI patterns, but you also foster a deep empathy for people. We design our software to fit our customers more than our fancy, and you enjoy digging through (and conducting!) research that leads the way in the design process. You’ve been around the block a few times and know what it means to design a mature, evolving product. 

Requirements (these are real, actual requirements): 

  • You must have at least three years of experience working in product or game design. Familiarity with complex or data-rich interfaces is a plus. If your experience is primarily in game design, please indicate in your cover letter why you are interested in moving to product design. 
  • You have experience designing applications for both web and mobile. In your cover letter, please include the platforms for which you have designed and your level of experience with them. 
  • We are looking for a designer who has a strong background in user experience and usability but who also can design interfaces independently. This is a truly mixed position where you will be responsible for activities traditionally held in the “UX” and “UI” wheelhouses. And the usability testing / research wheelhouse, too. (Can you have three wheelhouses? Are they still wheelhouses? Yes, we do philosophical tangents, too.)

That’s a super-brief intro to what we’re looking for. But first, you need to know if you’ll even like working with us. Let’s talk a bit about life at YNAB, and then we’ll go into more detail about this role. 

We’re profitable, bootstrapped, and growing. YNAB was founded in 2004 and we haven’t taken any outside funding—we’re in it for the long haul. We have one overarching requirement when it comes to joining our team: our original Core Values Manifesto has to really click with you. If you’re nodding emphatically while reading it, you’ll probably really like it here, and we can’t wait to hear from you!

We live our Core Values every day at YNAB, and we mean it when we say we are an equal opportunity employer. We believe that a diversity of backgrounds, abilities, beliefs, and experiences are critical to our success, and we are passionate about creating a welcoming, supportive, and collaborative environment for all employees. All are encouraged to apply as we continue to grow a smart, hard-working, and diverse team who loves working together to build something that matters.

We also work really hard, together, to make working at YNAB an amazing experience, and we were (humbly) proud to be named Fortune’s #1 Best Small Company to Work For for the last two years. We have a team full of truly exceptional people—the kind you’ll be excited to work with. We’d love to introduce you to a few of them!

Who you’d be working with:

We’re talking product design here, so you’ll be working with a lot of different people. We can’t even list them all, really. So we’ll start with a few of your seven fellow product designers: Alan, Cindy, Dylan, Emily, and Adam. 

Alan can be seen wearing many hats—and loving every second of it. He could be interviewing customers one day and programming a prototype in Framer the next. He loves exploring ideas with teammates and lives for that rush when the team discovers a novel solution to a difficult problem. When he’s not busy designing, he’s probably either at the gym or working to improve his culinary skills... or contemplating the conflicts that occasionally arise between the two.

Cindy sweats the small details when it comes to crafting simple, intuitive experiences. Her favorite part about the design process is learning from our customers to understand their needs. She makes research and user testing a top priority in her workflow. In her downtime, you can bet she’s starting another home improvement project—which she swears she’ll finish soon—or hiking with her dog, Summit.

Dylan loves all things design, especially getting to the simplicity found on the other side of complexity. Above his desk (ahem, kitchen table, it's a small apartment after all) sits an inconspicuous letterpressed card with Dieter Rams' 10 principles of good design on it. In his spare time he's probably doing something active, watching a film, taking photos, practicing piano, reading a book. 

Emily is a design generalist, through and through. What she loves most about being a designer—besides the obvious draw of working with a team to build things people love—is how much there is to learn. Right now she's focused on honing her coding skills enough to be able to put up the occasional pull request as well as practicing the art of writing great microcopy. She enjoys reading books, cooking, biking, lifting weights, and spending time outdoors. 

Adam is a product designer from Ireland who loves to focus on how people experience YNAB, especially first-time users. He obsesses over the small details, while keeping the bigger picture in mind. You'll probably find him living in Figma, thinking about solutions to problems or finding new ways to approach things. When he's not busy with design, he'll be spending time with his two boys, Charlie and Max, and his wonderful partner, Annie!

And as we said above, you’ll also cross paths with—well—probably everyone else. People like Chris and Sophie (a couple of our engineers), Hannah or Jacob (both product managers), Jannelle (one of our technical support managers), and Kelly (our product marketing specialist).

How You’ll Work at YNAB

Now that you’ve met some of your potential future teammates, let’s talk more about YNAB as a company. Here’s how we operate:

Live Where You Want

We’re a fully remote team, so you can live and work wherever you want (with a reliable internet connection!). That said, you’ll be working predominantly with folks based in North America, so we expect that you’ll be willing and able to work North American hours for a significant portion of your time. Proximity doesn’t influence productivity, but it sure does help with communication sometimes.

No Outrageous Hours

We want everyone to have a full life outside of YNAB, and we seldom work more than 40 hours per week. There have been a few occasions where things got busy and people had to put some extra time in. But then they took some extra time off, so it all balances out. We work hard and smart but we’re in this for the long haul.

Take Vacation (Seriously)

We want you to take vacation. In fact, we have a minimum vacation policy of three weeks per year. Five weeks feels about right (plus two extra weeks for our company-wide December break). It’s important to get plenty of downtime and get out and do something. We’ll look forward to seeing pictures of your adventures in our #office_wall or #travel Slack channel!

The YNAB Retreat

When the pandemic isn’t keeping us from traveling, we get the teams together once a year to catch up on spreadsheets and powerpoints in a Best Western conference room. Just kidding. So far, we’ve done Costa Rica, a gigantic cabin in the mountains, a beach house in the Outer Banks, a ranch in Montana, and most recently, Laguna Beach. We work together, play together, and reinforce the bonds we’ve made as a team and company. Every year, we leave refreshed, motivated, and excited for the year ahead together.

Up Your Game

We’re serious about helping you improve your craft. We budget for it (hey-o!). Think conferences, online courses and subscriptions, dedicated time away from work to learn something new… it’s really up to you and your manager. But we love to see our people growing.  

U.S. or International? Great!

Our team is spread all over the world, including Switzerland, Argentina, Scotland, Canada, and all over the United States. We currently set up team members who live in the U.S. or U.K. as employees, and those who live in other countries as independent contractors. You’re an equal part of the team no matter where you live!


For full-time W2 employees in the U.S., we offer fantastic health, dental, and vision insurance, where we cover 100% of the premium for you and your family. No need to check your vision, you read that right—100%. Although if you did need to check your vision, NBD, we’ve got you covered!

We also have a Traditional and Roth 401(k) option. YNAB matches your contributions up to six percent, and matches vest immediately. (Are you a personal finance junkie like our founder Jesse? He set up YNAB’s 401k to have the lowest fee structure possible, where all plan costs are paid by YNAB, not your retirement nest egg. The investment funds available are fantastic, passively-managed, ultra low-cost index funds. You’re not a PF junkie? Trust us, it’s awesome.) For U.K. employees, we also contribute six percent to your pension.

Competitive Compensation

The starting salary range for this position is $98,000 - $121,000 USD annually. We consider raises every year, and have a bi-annual profit-share bonus, which you’re in on from day one. YNAB wins, you win—that kind of thing.

Other Tidbits
  • Once you start, we DEMAND (in a friendly, ALL CAPS IS YELLING way) that you fill out your “Bucket List” spreadsheet with 50 items. (That’s harder than it sounds!) 
  • The bucket list really helps in deciding what we should give you for your birthday and the holidays.
  • We’re all adults. There’s no need to punch a clock, or ask for permission to take off early one afternoon to go see the doctor. We look at what you accomplish, not how long you’re in front of a computer.
  • We want you firing on all cylinders so we’ll set you up with a shiny new computer and replace it every three years.
  • Did we mention that YNAB makes a huge, positive difference in people’s lives? You may not think that matters much, but then a few months down the road you’ll realize it’s made your job really, really enjoyable. Don’t underestimate this one!

If this sounds like your ideal environment, read on because now we want to talk about you, and how you’ll play a big part in changing people’s lives.

Now, back to you, our new Product Designer...

What Success Looks Like: 

Our goal is for every customer to achieve life-changing financial control—and for the whole planet to realize it’s possible. No small thing, right? In 2022, we’re focused on making YNAB effortless for new budgeters from their very first experience, and also helping all customers see YNAB fit their needs—functional, social, and emotional—as they resolve financial struggles.

You’ll need to: 

  • Understand the journey our customers take, not just as they use our apps, but in the real world as they seek to take control of their financial lives.
  • Learn the principles, design system, and financial logic of our apps like the back of your hand. You have no problem designing a cross-platform feature for the web and mobile apps. You can clearly discern and navigate the relationship between the UI and the available data behind the scenes. 
  • Solve design problems in a customer-centric feedback loop. Research plays a big part in our design process so you’ll need to break down quantitative analytics and qualitative feedback to make informed design decisions. You’ll also follow up on the data gathered after the feature is released and continue to iterate and improve your designs until the data confirms success. 
  • Guide your work from ideation to release. You will document your work for review with fellow designers, developers, product managers, and stakeholders, make agreed-upon refinements, and will work with the developers on the upcoming feature. Design reviews during the development process examine form and function and you will see the feature through to the end. 
  • Be comfortable iterating with low-fidelity designs and prototypes while working in cross-functional teams made up of developers, product managers, marketers, and customer-facing team members (waterfalls are for rivers!), while continuing to pursue a meticulous and thorough design.
  • Communicate and document the styling, flows, and the impact of your designs on other parts of the system. You’ll update this documentation as feedback comes in and the apps evolve. On the flip side, you’ll provide feedback in design reviews that is clear and helpful in moving our products forward. We sell software, not mockups. 
  • Communicate, explain, persuade, explore and otherwise get all the things done in writing. Yes, we like talking to each other, but as a remote team, much of our collaboration is asynchronous and written.
  • Be comfortable writing a first pass at UI copy which is then refined with the help of your team in design reviews. There’s no lorem ipsum here. 
  • Speak the language of software development. If you’re also comfortable diving into HTML and CSS (or any of the programming languages in our development stack!) to help implement your design work, that’s a plus, but it’s not a requirement.
  • We use Figma for the vast majority of design work and maintaining our design system. You will aid in the expansion and maintenance of the design system and feel comfortable contributing new UI for our applications and website. If you have experience developing and maintaining design systems and can help us strike a balance between fighting for consistency and pushing the design system forward, that’s another plus.
  • Be comfortable talking to customers in interviews and usability testing. You have a knack for summarizing research in a concise way to share with teammates. 

Finally, the success of a designer at YNAB hinges upon the ability to approach design as holistic problem solving for both customer and business goals. We work collaboratively here and you’ll listen to ideas, questions, and critiques from teammates with grace and patience. That said, you know your stuff and can eloquently and logically explain design decisions. You see this type of exchange as critical to the success of yourself and our product: it is through sharing ideas and being open to the brilliance of others that we arrive at the best solutions.

How to Apply

  • Apply directly on our site here by 11:59pm PST on Sunday, January 30th. Firm. It’s a real deadline. The kind you love.
  • Attach a PDF of your cover letter (1.5 pages at most). In your cover letter:
    • Introduce yourself and explain why this position is of interest to you, and why you would be a great fit. 
    • Please include the platforms for which you have designed and your level of experience with them. 
    • If your experience is primarily in game design, please indicate why you are interested in moving to product design. 
    • We love a designer with a perspective. What’s yours? Feel free to touch on your beliefs on how design should be done, what it’s used for, or why it’s important. 
  • Please include a portfolio that contains the following: 
    • Design work across web and mobile 
    • Your design process (for example, sketches, interviews, documentation, etc.)
    • Links to any live work 
    • Please state the role you played on each project
  • If you have a prepared resume, attach it in PDF form. If you don’t have a resume because you aren’t even sure you’re looking to change jobs, that’s fine! An informal list of your work and education history is all we’re looking for.
  • Please let us know if you would like to disclose a need for accommodation in connection with the recruitment and hiring process. If so, contact us at and indicate in the subject line that you’re applying for the Product Designer role.
  • Note: though we know it is customary in some countries, we’d prefer if you didn’t share a headshot in your application materials. Thank you!

We’re excited to hear from you!

P.S. We'll send you a confirmation email once you apply. Please add that email to your safe sender list, to ensure that future emails come through. (If you don’t receive it, please check your Promotions inbox, junk folder, or any filters you may have set up.)

P.P.S. If you’re not interested in or available for this position, but know someone who is, we would really appreciate it if you passed this along!


Online Languages Teachers

Academia Europea International
Full Time
👨‍💻 Otros
Remoto 🌎
Jan 15

Headquarters: El Salvador

We're looking for new teachers to join the oldest and most prestigious academy in the Americas. Experience is not necessary, we teach you to teach under our methodology, work from the safety of your home and teach with Academia Europea with the largest educational community and from all over the world.

Languages: German, French, Italian, Chinese & Japanese.

Our virtual platform offers you a job and stable income. Our classes are every day from Monday to Friday at the same time and with the same group of students !!! Forget classes on demand and guarantee your income with Academia Europea.

Guaranteed hours, our classes are never canceled, as a school, we work with more than 2000 daily class groups !!!! And every week we have new beginnings!!!

An opportunity with us also includes:
CAREER ADVANCEMENT: Many opportunities will be available in the future for growth and movement into more senior positions.


Senior React.Js Front-End Engineer

ClickGUARD Inc.
Full Time
🎨 Diseño
Google Ads
Remoto 🌎
Jan 15

Headquarters: America

About us..

Well, this is supposed to be about YOU, but we'll conform to the format, so here goes.....

ClickGUARD is SaaS operating in a domain where ad tech meets cybersecurity tech. Our SaaS helps Google Ads advertisers protect their investment and maximize their ROI by detecting and removing wasteful ad traffic from their advertising campaigns. We’ve built the absolute best solution for a significant problem for PPC advertisers and we need your help taking it to the next level of user experience. 

We're looking for a talented react.js JavaScript developer to join our team of engineers and own front-end. Your primary focus will be on developing user interface components and implementing them following well-known React.js workflows while ensuring that these components and the overall application are robust and easy to maintain.

Our development team resides (or is working from) around the USA, Europe, South, and Central America. 

About The Role

This is a permanent full-time 100% remote engagement. You will be taking on the role of a front-end engineer to build high-end user interfaces for our core product and adjoined services.

- Owning front-end development for our SaaS product
- Implementing new user-facing features using React.js
- Building reusable components and front-end libraries
- Optimizing components for maximum performance across a variety of browsers and web-capable devices
- Translating user stories, specs, and wireframes into high-quality code that delivers value to the end-user
-Reporting to Head of Product and Lead Engineer

Autonomy and freedom to thrive is the root of our development culture. Meaning we don't care about how, when, or where you work from, as long as you deliver results.  However remote team members are expected to put in about four to six hours of focused, uninterrupted work every day, and find a way to overlap with the rest of the team a few times a week, which is currently operating during standard CET work hours. The main thing is that you must be able to get through problems on your own and be productive without asking for help. There’s no substitute for skill and experience in those cases.

What We're Looking for

Well...... we're not just looking for technical talent, so before we get into the supper boring "Technical Requirements" stuff 🙄 to see if you're a fit, here's what we REALLY want to know about you! 
  • Are you a top notch communicator?
  • Do you make time to laugh & enjoy life?
  • Do you think it's important to like the work you do?
  • Are you fun to talk with and have a beer with?
If the answer to ANY of the above is no, then the rest of the things below won't matter. 

Technical Requirements: 
  • Able to speak FLUENT ENGLISH at least +8.5/10 
  • Expert +3 year level knowledge of JavaScript
  • Familiar with code versioning tools like git
  • SaaS App dashboard product dev experience 
  • Great Internet connection
But You are a Rock Star If You Have
  • Versatility in the JavaScript ecosystem and programming languages in general
  • Background in building Software as a Service, ad tech, and/or cybersecurity tech
  • Experience with Test-Driven Development
  • Experience working remotely
  1. Submit your application .. 
  2. We’ll ask you to submit answer some basic questions via video  
  3. We’ll give you a paid task (optional) 
  4. Have a Zoom/Meet interview w/ hiring manager
  5. Job offer 
Also, if we don't hire you, we'll be fully transparent and tell you why or why not to help you kick ass at your next best opportunity (that is unless you don't really want to know why).  

So Why us?

Well.... we're still (by choice) a bootstrapped startup, so if you're a super hotshot unicorns developer or whatever people call them these days, we're probably not a fit... We pay very well and are looking for engineers that want to join and grow with a team of underdogs that LOVES the work, LOVES the product, LOVES the tech stack, LOVES the industry, fits the culture, and LOVES to produce kick ass work
  • Work that fits your personality and lifestyle
  • 15 days vacation paid + your birthday off + 6 public holidays 
  • No-questions-asked personal days (sick, personal, time off)
  • You will work closely with mid and senior-level engineers
  • You'll learn Cloud Infrastructure, AdTech APIs, eCommerce, and soo much more
  • Opportunities to grow are endless 
  • Once a year all expenses paid company get-togethers
Extraterrestrial Are Welcome
We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity in our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability status. Yes, that includes extraterrestrials and Martians!

We are genuinely excited and look forward to meeting you! 


Account Manager

Full Time
📈 Marketing
Remoto 🌎
Jan 14

Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia

About XWP

XWP has collaborated on some of the most ambitious and successful WordPress projects and partnered with the likes of Google, News Corp, and Penske Media Corporation (PMC) to bring richer technologies and delightful user experiences to the open web.

Our team of 100+ experts (from 30+ countries and 6 continents) enjoys challenging work, service-focused and collaborative teammates, and many opportunities to grow and learn. We’re a fully remote team that prizes flexibility, autonomy, and trust in the workplace, making a rewarding career accessible wherever you are and whatever stage of life you’re in. We have a passion and enthusiasm for what we do and a sincere care for each other and our clients.

We are looking for an empathic and confidence-inspiring account manager to join our growing team, ensuring exceptional levels of customer satisfaction and supporting long-term, high-value partnerships.

Who You Are

  • You are a proactive problem solver, both identifying opportunities and offering solutions

  • You care about the success of your customers in achieving their business objectives.

  • You are comfortable building relationships with C-level executives and frontline contributors alike

  • You balance strong personal initiative with a bias for understanding and alignment

  • You would find work-life harmony with the give and take of schedule flexibility and work needs that extend across many time zones (Americas, Europe, Australia)

  • You value autonomy and have the self-management skills to operate dependably in a fully remote role.

What You’ve Done

  • You’ve completed at least a bachelor’s degree or have an equal amount of successful account management experience.

  • You’ve spent at least 5 years succeeding in a professional environment, with some of that time being in the IT service industry.

  • You’ve used Google Analytics to monitor website performance and traffic patterns

  • You’ve been responsible for crafting impeccably written communications for executives.

  • You’ve balanced competing priorities across dozens of outstanding tasks with timeliness and attention to detail.

  • You’ve worked collaboratively with distributed team members and clients across cultures and timezones


  • You’ve worked in a WordPress web development agency environment

  • You have a history of active participation in the open-source software community, extra bonus points for participation in the WordPress community.

What You’ll Do Here

Maintain High Levels of Customer Satisfaction

  • Lead regular asynchronous check-ins with XWP clients, keeping them up to date on how projects are going, and sharing helpful insights with customers.

  • Arrange and conduct monthly 1:1 meetings with client stakeholders

  • Escalate any problems, issues, or opportunities to the CRO or Head of Delivery

  • Proactively monitor client website analytics to identify trends, risks, and opportunities that can positively impact their business.

  • Represent XWP to some of the most exciting brands in technology and publishing

  • Participate in client onsite events (when safe) in cities like New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles
Collaborate Across Teams

  • Capture and share testimonial quotes, team wins, and client success stories with Marketing to support case study development.

  • Work closely with project managers and other delivery team leaders to find the best path for both project and account successes.

  • Keep the Sales team well informed through the daily use and maintenance of the Hubspot CRM.

  • Keep a pulse on what is happening in the WordPress community, and the Web Development community at large through contact with engineering, product, and design leaders at XWP.

What Success Looks Like

  • High levels of reported customer satisfaction as received by their feedback, ongoing engagement, and growth investment

  • High rates of conversion from initial projects to long term partnerships

  • Regular public reviews of XWP’s services in places like Clutch, Linkedin, and Twitter.

  • Participation and activation within XWP’s environment and remote culture

  • Proactive engagement and awareness of data and web performance metrics

Payscale and Benefits

  • Trust and support from your colleagues (we look out for each other and work together towards our shared goals and vision)

  • The rewards of a highly collaborative culture (we’re a team, not a working group)

  • Remote work done right! High levels of schedule flexibility, time to invest in family, caregiving, and interests outside of work

  • The chance to play an important part in helping XWP achieve its full potential and make a meaningful difference for our team members and the open web

  • A starting pay range of USD $25-40 per hour (equivalent to about $50,000 to $75,000 per year at full-time)

  • Unleash+ allowance of $2,500 per year to enrich your life

XWP is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all team members.

Are you intrigued?

Apply now (link below) and tell us about yourself, what this role will mean to you, and why you are who we want to work with.

If you are not the one we are looking for, please share this with anyone you know who might be!


Experienced Java / Kotlin Backend-Engineer

Full Time
👨‍💻 Otros
Remoto 🌎
Jan 14

Headquarters: Ulm, Germany

🖖 Hey we are Markus and Judith, the founders of

Our company is a consulting and digital product engineering agency with headquarters in Ulm, Germany.
All our services are build around integrated remote-teams. We are looking for talented senior engineers who have about 5+ years of experience in Java to join one of our passionate development teams. The team builds backend service components for banking and payment industry.

Our teams consist of about 4-5 experienced engineers and about 2 quality assurance experts. In this team, you will be working on Java (Spring) and Kotlin (http4k) backend service that involves fairly complicated integration work to other services. The implemented services are operated on a Kubernetes infrastructure using typical cloud-native (e.g. 12 factor) approaches.

You're a perfect fit if you...
  • …are not representing a company
  • …are a badass backend engineer
  • ...have experiences in payment and banking industry
  • …are self-disciplined
  • …have a great work ethic and love to learn new things
  • …have strong communication skills
  • …have the expected qualification and engineering skills

Qualification and engineering Skills
  • Java (Spring Framework)
  • and/or Kotlin (http4k)
  • Postgresql
  • Service Architecture

Our offer is:
  • Flexibility and Trust
  • Remote work
  • Long term relationship in the starfish network
  • Team management and coaching support all time


We are 100% remote and you can basically work from everywhere you feel most productive and happy.  The customer is located in Europe so a substantial coverage of Europe's business hours (3+/- hours) will be very helpful to gain traction. But we also have colleagues in Argentina and Brazil.

Our hiring process:
  1. Apply 😎
  2. Cultural fit interview
  3. Technical deep dive
  4. Paid Trial (approx. 1 month)
  5. Offer
We only accept applications from individuals.  Any request or application from companies will not be processed.


Inside Sales Representative (Americas)

Full Time
📈 Marketing
Remoto 🌎
Jan 13

Headquarters: New York

Float, the world’s leading resource planner is looking for an Inside Sales Representative to manage our inbound leads for the Americas (GMT+7). We’re a team of people living our best remote work lives. From New York to Melbourne, Canada to South Africa - our team of Engineers, Product Managers, Marketing and Customer Success folks work asynchronously to help teams plan and manage their time better. Float is self-funded, profitable, and growing. If you’re a self-starter, aligned with our values, and are looking to join a team that’s passionate about helping others work and live more productively, we want to hear from you. Here are a few tips from our CEO to make sure your resume stands out from the crowd.

Who We’re Looking For

We're looking for someone with proven experience in an Inside Sales role, preferably for an SMB or enterprise-grade SaaS. You’ll need the following skillsets to be successful in this role:
  • 3+ years of inbound sales experience with a quota in a SaaS environment
  • Experience managing the full sales pipeline from qualifying, evaluating and managing procurement requests, to onboarding and closing a deal
  • Experience using a CRM like Hubspot or Salesforce
  • Ability to conduct virtual webinars, demos and meetings with prospects and customers
As a fully remote team, we're looking for hands-on, experienced candidates who are able to focus on the work and projects without direct oversight. Asynchronous is the default form of communication at Float, and we have very few meetings, so you’ll have long stretches of time to focus on deep work. Everyone at Float leads by example and sets the bar for quality.

What You’ll Do

Reporting to the Director of Customer Success, you’ll work with our sales team to qualify inbound leads and help convert trial users into paid customers for our Americas region (GMT+7 / Monday-Friday 9am-5pm). Working with your assigned regional leads, you’ll manage the full sales cycle from the moment they sign up for a trial, lead demos and conversations, address their procurement needs, and complete onboarding for closed deals.

This team is in an exciting growth period as we focus on building out the Sales Assist to our Product Led Growth. You’ll be joining a small team and will help build out our team processes and culture and have a direct impact on the company’s maturity and success. So far, we've succeeded by putting the customer first, and we see each interaction as an opportunity to continuously improve the customer experience. We’re looking for more than just numbers on a board and someone that is excited by being part of the foundational team to accelerate growth and be rewarded accordingly.

What We Offer

The salary for this role is US $80k base plus 20% uncapped commission opportunity at quota attainment.

We have a range of expanding and improving benefits and perks including:
  • Home office expense budget
  • Co-working expense budget
  • Health & Fitness budget
  • Annual team meetup
  • Care for your community
For those in the US, we’ll pay 50% of your medical, dental & vision coverage, including partners and children. Since our HQ is in New York, those outside of the US will be hired as contractors—but don’t worry—you’ll have access to the same great benefits. We’re a global company and we encourage people of all different locations, nationalities, backgrounds, and perspectives to apply.

About Our Process

You can find a lot of useful information about our interview process and what it’s like to join our global team on the Float careers page.

We appreciate and understand the time and energy that goes into crafting a solid job application, so we thank you in advance for your interest in joining our team. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide individual feedback during the application stage due to the volume of applications that we receive and we only contact candidates who are shortlisted.


Data Scientist

Pearl Bridge Partners
Full Time
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Jan 13

Headquarters: Ireland

We are looking for a brilliant, creative data scientist to join our team in investigating large, complex data sets and communicating the story the data tells. 

About Us

Pearl Bridge Partners is a consultancy that works with data-intensive companies around the world. We develop custom algorithms that directly improve our clients’ profitability by helping them get actionable insights from their data fast, accurately, and automatically. Our team’s recent projects have included building algorithms to recommend products, detect fraud, set prices efficiently, and fingerprint users from their behavior. We’re always working on new, fascinating challenges.
You should excel at the following skills:
  • Statistical analysis (e.g. regressions and A/B testing)
  • Deep understanding of the math behind the statistical techniques (e.g. combinatorics)
  • Writing code to process data and test statistical hypotheses (e.g. Python or R scripts)
  • Exploring, probing, and problem solving to understand data that at first appears opaque
  • Strong communication skills, especially in writing
  • Experience with advanced statistical techniques is helpful but not required (e.g. PCA, econometrics)
You will be part of a team that designs and builds novel, cutting-edge algorithms. When we design new algorithmic solutions, our process begins with deeply understanding the data available and how it relates to the business problems our clients face. We search for patterns in the data and then design algorithms that can exploit those patterns to directly improve our client’s business. 

Your other team members include world-class programmers, architects, product managers, and algorithm designers. Your role will be to lead the initial investigations into the data available, organize tests of the algorithms as they are developed, and understand idiosyncratic behavior that may be caused by our bugs, bugs in our client’s code, or any number of other surprises.
Your ability to think through problems thoroughly and learn fast is more important than your existing knowledge. We take a fast-paced, nimble approach to our work. We want you to keep your eyes peeled for potential patterns, quirks, or things that don’t quite seem like what you expected, and then chase down the thread of discovery until you can tell a story about why the data looks the way it does. We expect you to attend to every detail carefully while keeping in mind how it relates to the big picture.
We are generally flexible on when and where you work, as long as you get your work done, and you make time for scheduled meetings. Most of the team works during business hours either in Europe or the Americas.
Compensation will be a combination of salary and a performance bonus, initially set depending on your experience. Our total pay package is generous so that we can attract and retain the best talent.
Please follow this link to apply for the position

Chilean Content Editor - Time2Play

KaFe Rocks
Full Time
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Jan 13

Headquarters: Santiago, Santiago Metropolitan Region, Chile

Are you passionate about user experience? Never satisfied with ‘good enough' and instead strive for more? Do you challenge the status quo?

Then this might be the job for you., part of the KaFe Rocks group, still has many things to do better. We just launched in the middle of 2021, and we're having classical start-up improvement points.

We DO offer a compelling vision though, and we ARE people first. We offer a tremendous amount of flexibility and trust, and we're proud to help all our team members to keep growing - and leading as happy and successful lives as possible.

The Vision

Most gambling affiliates serve their own pockets rather than the users. They fake reviews, switch top lists based on who pays the most, and more.

We're here to change that!

We rate products based on published rating criteria. We refuse to review or change top lists with any influence whatsoever from the commercial partner. If an offer is not good for the user, we share this honestly and transparently.

The dream: Turn the industry into one that actually cares about its users!

The Culture

We are part of the KaFe Rocks group and are funded by KaFe Rocks. We share the same core values and benefits but operate as a fully autonomous business unit.

For a detailed insight into our work culture, please check this Medium article.

The Position

We are currently searching for a Chilean Content Editor to help us with the LATAM Market, one of our great frontiers for this product. It'll be the basis of a true transformation of how consumers end up choosing their online casino or sportsbook.

Your main responsibilities will be:

  • Providing very high-quality content for a global audience
  • Executing extensive market and SEO research to support your content
  • Implementing, editing and quality-assuring your own content as well as content delivered by your team
  • Continuously developing and executing content guidelines and style guides
  • Staying up-to-date with the latest developments in content writing for both users and SEO
  • Contributing actively to the development of the product. Concepts from the content perspective are an integral part of a multidisciplinary team including product, design, tech, and SEO.
  • Analysing site data and metrics to continuously improve your content and the product


We're very interested in knowing what YOUR requirements are. This is not us choosing you - it's also you choosing us.

However, before you waste time writing an application, you should know what we're looking for.

Culturally, you'll fit best if you:

  • Thrive in an environment defined by ownership, innovation, trust, and a constant strive for greatness
  • Enjoy being part of a high-performance, fast-paced team with high expectations and goals
  • Prefer to communicate openly and transparently
  • Say your opinion even if it means disagreeing with your manager
  • Aren't afraid of giving and receiving A LOT of direct but constructive feedback
  • Really pay attention to the details when it matters (and to show this, in your application please make sure to somewhere include the following word: "#t2detail")
  • Are comfortable regularly stepping into unknown territories and making the best out of it
  • In general attack your craft with a growth mindset

Skill-wise, you'll fit the best if you:

  • Have strong experience with writing and editing user-centered, high-performing copy (and can demonstrate this)
  • Have a great ability to empathize with your users
  • Love to research and fact-check extensively
  • Are a native Chilean speaker
  • Have a solid understanding of SEO and its influence on high-performing copy
  • Have a real interest in sports and casino
  • A big extra: Solid foundation in journalism or similar field


Can we list working in an amazing team with super talented and friendly people as a benefit? If we have to say it ourselves. We do have an eNPS score of 70+ sort of proving it.

In terms of salary, the budget for this position is between 30.000€ and 40.000€.

We do believe in the Netflix salary approach. If you're a superstar, there is a chance to go beyond the planned budget.

In terms of other tangible benefits:

  • Remote-first - we were founded as a remote company and plan to stay that way.
  • An office in Malta called "Oasis" should you prefer to be in an office from time to time.
  • Flexible working hours - we care about the outcome, not when you achieve it.
  • Unlimited vacation - no upper limit.
  • At least 2 hours of work time a week dedicated to your professional development.
  • As soon as COVID allows it again: An annual company reunion in a tropical place as well as an annual team round-up in the location of your team's choice


After reading all of the above, please ask yourself:

How likely do you think it is that you will be happy at Time2play on a scale from 1-10?

How likely do you think it is that you can achieve your career goals with us on a scale from 0-10?

If your answer is 7 or above to both questions, we hope to get your application soon.

Please note applications are encouraged regardless of religion, color, creed, sexual orientation, or disability. At Time2play and the KaFe Rocks Group diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of who we are. Our commitment to these values is unwavering.


Junior Developer

TRAC Media Services
Full Time
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Jan 12

Headquarters: Tucson, AZ, USA

The Junior Developer is a remote, full-time salaried position; developing, testing and maintaining client-facing and internal software solutions. Responsibilities include assisting in diagnosing and solving software defects, development of technical documentation, and new project specifications. Once trained, developers are expected to be self-starters and able to work independently. 
Basic Qualifications:
  • Knowledge of Object oriented and or functional programming languages, ideally C# / F#.
  • Excellent organizational and time-management skills
  • Technical aptitude and the ability to troubleshoot
  • Ability to research and execute solutions based on online guides and tutorials
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related STEM field
  • Non-degreed applicants with equivalent experience will also be considered
Preferred Qualifications:
  • Working knowledge of Git
  • Experience with unit and integration testing
  • Experience with: HTML, CSS, Javascript, C#, F#, and/or SQL
  • Experience with cloud computing, PAAS, SOA, especially Microsoft Azure

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