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Software Engineer for AI Training Data

G2i Inc.
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Remoto 🌎
Feb 21

Headquarters: Delray Beach, FL

Accepted Locations
We can only accept applicants from the US, Canada, UK, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, India, and Australia. This work is 100% remote.

Loom Video
Our Founder/CEO, Gabe Greenberg, created a more in depth Loom video that we highly recommend you watch! Check it out here!

You’ll join an expert annotation team to create training data for for the worlds most advanced AI models. No previous AI experience is necessary. You'll get your foot in the door with one of the biggest players in the AI/LLM space today. We are seeking software engineers with 3+ years of experience to train AI large language models, helping cutting-edge generative AI models write better code. Projects typically include discrete, highly variable problems that involve engaging with these models as they learn to code. We currently have 200+ roles open!

What Will I Be Doing?

  • Evaluating the quality of AI-generated code, including human-readable summaries of your rationale
  • Solve coding problems, writing functional and efficient code
  • Writing robust test cases to confirm code works efficiently and effectively
  • We asked the technical project manager to go into even more detail and this is how he answered: It is solving coding challenges, creating instructions to help others, reviewing the code before it goes into the model, and there's a ton of variety in the projects. We have everything from "which piece of C++ code is better?" to "make a full mobile application using this chatbot, and improve the chatbot's responses afterwards to make it faster"

Pay Rates

  • US Based - 9,240 USD /month (55 USD /hr)
  • Outside US - 6,888 USD /month (41 USD /hr)  
  • These are monthly estimates based on a 40 hour work week which is expected. You'll be paid on a weekly basis. These rates are not negotiable.

Contract Length

  • Long term, there is no end date. They expect to have work for the next 2 years.
  • You can end the contract at any time. Our hope is that you would commit to 12 months of work, but if you start and it's not a fit for you, we totally understand.  

Flexible Schedules

  • Developers can set their own hours - ideal candidates will be interested in spending 40 hours a week. They will be with teams, so strong performers will adapt to the urgency of projects and stay engaged, but incredibly flexible on working hours. 
  • Take a 3 hour lunch, no problem. You are paid according to time spent on the platform, which is calculated in the coding exercises, as opposed to tracking your own hours.  

Interview Process

  • 1. Apply using this Lever form
  • 2. If you look like a good fit, we'll send an async video interview (4 minutes) with two questions.
  • 3. You'll perform a 30 - 60 minute live technical interview that is leetcode focused with the G2i technical interview team. If you solidly pass, you'll get the job. We are performing these interviews on behalf of the company. If you struggle but pass, the company may choose to re-interview you before offering you the role.
  • 4. We'll setup a group call to answer further questions about the role and the company and can help you sign G2i's terms of service as a developer.
  • 5. Each Wednesday, we work with the company to do a 30 min onboarding and a 5 hour paid session learning how to train AI models. You'll be able to start full time the following day.

Tech Stack Priorities

  • From the technical program manager: "The best candidates will have experience with a variety of coding languages. Everyone has specializations and mobile dev and backend are our priorities for now -- but all things being equal, given the project nature of our work a tendency towards full/stack generalists will be better. " 

  • We have hundreds of roles to fill so they will take all types of experience as long as you have 3+ years of professional experience. Their current priority list is as follows:  
  • 1. full stack software engineers with multiple languages
  • 2. mobile dev - react native, flutter, dart, kotlin, java, swift
  • 3. backend - java, c, c++, python, go, javascript, typescript
  • 4. frontend - various frameworks  

Required Qualifications:

  • 3+ years of experience in a software engineering/software development role.
  • Complete fluency in the English language.
  • Ability to articulate complex scientific concepts clearly and engagingly.
  • Excellent attention to detail and ability to maintain consistency in writing.
  • Solid understanding of grammar, punctuation, and style guidelines.
  • Proficiency in working with one or more of the following languages: Java, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, C++.

Nice To Have's:

  • Bachelor's and/or Master’s degree in Computer Science
  • Proficiency in working with one or more of the following (in addition to the languages above): SQL, Swift, Ruby, Rust, Go, NET, Matlab, PHP, HTML, DART, R, Apex, and Shell, C, C#
  • Recognized accomplishments or contributions to the coding community or in projects.
  • Proven analytical skills with an ability to approach problems creatively.
  • Adept communication skills, especially when it comes to understanding and discussing project requirements.
  • A commitment to continuous learning, and staying updated with the latest in coding advancements and best practices.
  • Enthusiasm for teaching AI models and experience with technical writing!

Full-stack Developer
Full Time
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react native
Remote 📍
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Feb 14

Are you a talented senior developer looking for a remote job that lets you show your skills and get better compensation and career growth? Look no further than - the marketplace that connects you with hand-picked startups in the US and Europe.

What do we offer:

  • We respect your time: here is no micromanagement or screen trackers.
  • You can earn with us $5k - $9k monthly - the rate depends on your skills and experience. We've already paid out over $10M to our engineers.
  • You will enjoy your work - it’s possible to communicate async and choose a schedule that works best for you.
  • You will communicate directly with the clients. Most of them have technical backgrounds. Sounds good, yeah?
  • We will support you from the time when the application will be started during all our cooperation.
  • No more hunting for clients or negotiating rates - let us handle the business side of things so you can focus on what you do best.
  • We'll manually find you the best project according to your skills and preferences.
  • You will work at the fast-paced startup environment that will keep you motivated and engaged.
  • We will connect you with the best developers in the world through our community.

We also collaborate with other companies through staff augmentation. More details are here.

Who we are looking for:

  • Senior Software Developer
  • Senior+ Software Developer


  • 4+ years of software development experience
  • 2+ years of experience with React.js
  • 2+ years of experience with Python and Django AND/OR 2+ years of experience with React Native as a mobile developer
  • Hands-on experience with Typescript, Next, AWS would be a plus
  • Good command of English, both written and spoken, as you’ll be communicating with clients directly
  • Strong organizational skills — ability to work full-time remotely with no supervision
  • Responsibility — we want to trust you
  • Soft skills — we value clear and effective communication, at the same time don't force you becoming a public speaker

Ready to take your career to the next level? Apply now and join the community!

If your experience matches with our requirements be ready for the next steps:

  • VideoAsk (about 10 minutes)
  • Completing your me.lemon profile
  • 30 minutes Screening call with our Recruiters
  • Technical Interview with our Developers
  • Feedback
  • Magic Box (we are looking for best project for you)

P.S. We work with developers from 59 countries in different regions: Europe, LATAM, Asia (Philippines, Indonesia), Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea), Canada and the UK. However, we have some exceptions.

At the moment, we don’t have a legal basis to accept applicants from certain European countries: Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Russia, Serbia, and Slovenia. Additionally, there are a few countries in Latin America from which we cannot accept applicants: Cuba and Nicaragua, as well as most Asian countries. Furthermore, we are unable to accept applicants from Africa.

Please note that due to the overwhelming number of applications, only suitable candidates will be contacted for an interview.

We strongly ask you to send your CVs in ENGLISH. Application in English will be considered first. Good luck to everyone!plication in English will be considered first. Good luck to everyone!


Frontend Ruby on Rails (Vue.js) engineer

Full Time
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Feb 8

Headquarters: Finland

Commslayer is a B2B SaaS company looking for a front-end focused Ruby on Rails engineer to help expand an existing SaaS product with new features. Commslayer is a helpdesk tailored for ecommerce merchants who use Shopify and it provides ticketing through various channels with advanced bot automations.

The company was started by two serial entrepreneurs who previously exited their Saas-company. We have built remote, calm workspaces with a focus on work-life balance. 9 out 10 developers who've worked with us say we are the best employer they ever had and developer happiness is a key driving force of our companies.

🔍 We are looking for a frontend-focused Rails engineer who: 🔍

  • has a track record of shipping web apps preferably in Ruby on Rails in the last 3+ years
  • has experience with Vue.js and likes frontend work
  • can take a product product spec and make decisions on their own - we like devs who are not afraid to make product decisions
  • humble, can mentor others, both provide and receive direction and is always willing to share what they learn
  • overlaps with EST or CET zone at least 5 hours ( prefer Europe & Africa )

🔨 What you will do: 🔨

  • build new exciting features to the helpdesk platform and chat product (while iterating based on user feedback)
  • have ownership over our UI components and user flows

☘️ Where we are and how we work: ☘️

  • We are a distributed team all over the globe but our development team is mainly working during Western European & US east coast working hours. 
  • Our work language is English, but we also have an Arabic-speaking engineer on our team.
  • We are used to async communication over Slack but also have regular weekly meetings to sync up.
  • Our tech stack is Ruby / Vue.js / Tailwind / SQL / Git
  • We optimize for developer happiness. For us, this is not a sprint but a marathon.

🌎 Location 🌎

Europe / Africa / North & South America

(Sorry, currently we cannot hire in Asia even if you can work "our" timezone - it would not be healthy but hopefully, we can expand there soon).

📜Work culture📜

Working for Commslayer doesn't feel like the usual office or startup gig: we are a small (but mighty) distributed group across 4 different countries with our own way of working. We highly encourage written (long-form) communication and documenting things on Linear/Notion and generally don't like tight fixed schedules. We avoid setting tight deadlines or using word ASAP to keep a calm workspace. There is not really much management or oversight, we expect you to know how to manage yourself. We prioritize shipping and results above how or when you do the work.

If you are into distributed work and prefer the lifestyle aspects or maybe live somewhere with not a lot of exciting startups, you will enjoy working with us.

Compensation for this position is between USD 30k-50K with paid time-off. The compensation varies with experience and skillset. This is a full-time position: you will be employed through Deel either as an employee with benefits or as a contractor depending on your preferences and location. 

Hiring process:

  1. Submit your CV and answer short introductory questions
  2. We contact selected candidates for a paid test task
  3. Interview process: you get to talk to our CTO and CEO and we get to know each other
  4. 1-2 candidates are selected to a work trial where we get to see each others in work in a low risk way - if you have an existing day job, you can give us a try without leaving it

How to apply?

Tell us about:
  1. Describe the largest web app you worked on that used Vue and Rails. Tell us what the app did, what your role on the team was and how long you worked on it.
  2. Choose the most complex feature you had to build with Vue and explain how you implemented it
  3. The timezone / location you are in.


Senior React Native Engineer

Full Time
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Remoto 🌎
Jan 30

Headquarters: Remote

HELLO. We’re Whitespectre. Technology partners that fuel growth. From ambitious start-ups to industry leaders, we help companies unlock transformative experiences and business results. The software we’ve created touches thousands of lives every day. Our partnerships last for years.

We are a company designed to deliver, working in fast-moving, cross-functional agile pods to solve interesting technical challenges and drive real impact. Technical Architects & Engineers & Product Managers & Designers & QAs & Delivery Specialists &... You?

We start with our people. 70+ and counting. With wide-ranging skills, built on experience. Remote but super-connected. In a culture that prides itself in developing and investing in them. Perfect partners for each other and for clients.

Come and be our next React Native Engineer.

What's it like to be a React Native engineer at Whitespectre?
  • Our React Native developers are sharp technical experts with the ability to think like product owners- being able to advocate for code quality as a long term strategic investment while knowing when to adapt a more start-up mentality to deliver rapid business value. They drive architecture and implementation decisions, mentor other engineers, and stay up to date with the latest Javascript techniques and trends as part of the collective Whitespectre Javascript brain trust. 
  • Whitespectre operates on a fully-modern tech stack- toolset includes React Native, ReactJS, Typescript, Webpack, Node.js/Express, REST/GraphQL, Rails, Postgres, Elastic, CI/CD with Docker, Heroku/AWS, etc. Working smartly is important to us; automation, dynamic environments spin up with new feature branches and slack bot integrations control our production releases.
  • We follow an agile 2-week sprint methodology with Product, UI/UX and Engineering within the team to align closely with business stakeholders and incrementally build and release new functionality.
  • The majority of our projects involve building greenfield applications and our delivery teams typically own products end to end - your thinking and contribution make a big impact!
  • You can read more about life in our engineering team in this blog post by our Senior Engineer, Eneko and Ana, React Native Engineer 

  • Competitive salaries, with payment in USD
  • Annual Performance & Salary Reviews, with proactive career management
  • 20 Days PTO & 3 Charity Days annually
  • Funded face-to-face meet ups in Barcelona, as well as, South America and Asia
  • Assisted Relocation package 
  • Flexible working hours for efficient teaming in a 100% remote environment (proudly remote-first for 10 years!)
  • Free English classes & educational expenses support
  • Generous Employee Referral Plan
  • Team Fitness and Charity Initiatives

Cultural benefits

In addition to the above benefits, we foster an inclusive working environment that provides:
  • Great company environment - check out Glassdoor
  • Personalized onboardings
  • Opportunity to contribute to company-level initiatives
  • Work with a broad range of best-in-class technologies
  • Cross-company knowledge groups - improve your expertise, share your learnings and work with different technologies and tools
  • Regular brown bag learning sessions
  • An emphasis on Work-life balance

This is the right position for you if want-
  • The challenge of collaborating with business stakeholders and Product Managers to advocate for technology solutions while bearing in mind the tradeoffs for business results
  • The responsibility of designing new architectures and being confident to justify your technology decisions. (Plus debating and recognizing when a colleague has an even better idea!)
  • The opportunity to go outside your core expertise and strengthen skills with other technologies and learn more
  • To solve problems that can’t be addressed by just searching Stack Overflow
  • An environment where excellent communication skills (both verbal and written) are valued and honed.
  • A culture where people from different backgrounds interact, collaborate and reach a shared goal

The “check the box” Requirements
  • 5+ years of experience in software development and 4+ years of React Native
  • Advanced English level, excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience contributing to technical decision-making within a team
  • Can work full-time with a significant crossover with the core hours: 11am - 7pm Central European Time
  • Live outside of the US. Please, no recruitment agencies.

Interested in applying?
  • Apply by completing the form below
  • Or email us with any questions on

Talented Backend Developer (m/f/d)

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Jan 29

Headquarters: Germany Frankfurt

At Vicoland, we transform the two-trillion professional services market. We do so by giving the gig economy a new dimension: Virtual Companies, in short: “Vicos”. The Vicos allow freelancers to team up and act as if they were a real company, competing successfully for interesting, large projects. Our digital platform provides legal, organizational, and transactional tech which enables collaboration of Vicos and clients throughout projects. Vicoland has started operations with Fortune 500 companies (e.g. Netflix, WPP, BD) and smaller clients. Our technology is appraised by partners and research (e.g.: SAP, Forrester, Kelly).

To further develop our platform and accelerate growth we are looking for an outstanding developer. Someone who is 10x not only for him- or herself but who propels a whole team. Someone with a track-record of making a notable difference in developing outstanding software at high productivity. Someone who can quickly assess a problem and choose the best route to solve it fast and efficiently. Someone who has been staying abreast of innovation, most recently of AI tools. If that’s you, this is your opportunity.


  • Design software solutions for complex user stories to enable solid, versatile architecture and efficient coding.
  • Interact with product managers and UX designers end-to-end to create the best possible solutions from a user and tech perspective.
  • Design, develop, maintain, and test high-performance, scalable, testable and secure code for complex, well-documented web applications.
  • Use PHP in backend and, if you are fullstack, Angular for frontend.
  • Participate in code reviews to ensure that code is of high quality. Troubleshoot and debug issues as they arise.
  • Explore and evangelize AI usage, in general, to expedite the coding process and improve the product.e application.
  • Utilize GitHub Copilot extensively to improve the speed and accuracy of coding.
  • Explore and evangelize AI usage, in general, to expedite the coding process and improve the product. the coding process and improve the product.
  • Stay up to date with emerging trends and technologies in PHP (and Angular) development.


  • Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to troubleshoot and debug complex issues.
  • Passion for creating elegant, efficient, and maintainable architecture and code.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills.
  • Successful experience in PHP development with a deep understanding of object-oriented programming principles.
  • Strong know-how with PHP frameworks such as Symfony.
  • Proficiency in using GitHub Copilot to expedite the coding process.
  • Expertise with relational databases such as MySQL or PostgreSQL.
  • Knowledge of version control systems such as Git.


  • Europe
  • North Africa
  • West Asia

Please don't apply if you are from North / South America or east Asia as we don't have processes to work across too diverse timezones.


  • Become a tech development rockstar in a company with a transformative mission and large-scale potential.
  • Join a forward-thinking product development teamof 30 with talented developers, embracing innovation.
  • Collaborate with product managers and designers who are passionate about creating outstanding user experiences.
  • Enjoy a flexible work schedule that allows you to balance work and personal life, working from one of our offices in Germany or Spain or from anywhere else.
  • Get access to learning and development opportunities to improve or acquire skills and advance your career.
  • Work in a dynamic, diverse (19 nations) and fast-paced environment where you can make a meaningful impact on the product and the company.
  • Benefit from a competitive salary and a share in the company.

We believe in learning. If you think you qualify based on the above, but lack some of the hard skills, still apply. Hard skills are easy to learn if you have the right mindset.


Preguntas frequentes

¿Qué roles de programación son más adecuados para trabajar de forma remota?

Muchos roles de programación son aptos para el trabajo remoto, incluyendo desarrolladores de software, ingenieros de sistemas, especialistas en seguridad informática y diseñadores de interfaces. La viabilidad puede depender de la naturaleza del proyecto y las herramientas utilizadas.

¿Cómo puedo encontrar oportunidades de trabajo remoto en el rubro de la programación?

Para encontrar estas oportunidades, te recomendamos explorar nuestra plataforma y filtrar los resultados según tus habilidades y preferencias.

¿Cuáles son las habilidades técnicas y herramientas necesarias para trabajar remotamente como programador?

Las habilidades técnicas clave incluyen conocimientos sólidos en lenguajes de programación relevantes, experiencia en el uso de herramientas de colaboración como Git, y familiaridad con plataformas de comunicación virtual y gestión de proyectos.

¿Cómo puedo asegurarme de mantener la productividad y la colaboración efectiva al trabajar de forma remota como programador?

Mantener la productividad implica establecer rutinas efectivas, utilizar herramientas de gestión de tareas, y mantener una comunicación clara y constante con el equipo a través de plataformas virtuales.

¿Qué desafíos podrían surgir al trabajar remotamente como programador y cómo pueden abordarse?

Desafíos como la falta de interacción cara a cara y la gestión del tiempo pueden superarse mediante la participación activa en reuniones virtuales, la implementación de técnicas de gestión del tiempo, y el uso de herramientas de colaboración online.

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