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Unlock sales success with a Sales Development Representative (SDR) from WeRemoto. These SDRs, fluent in English and skilled in sales techniques, are tailored for Business Coaches, Public Speakers, and Small Businesses. Benefit from our rigorous vetting process and Latin American talent.

Welcome to WeRemoto, where we specialize in connecting Business Coaches, Public Speakers, and Small Businesses with expert Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) from Latin America.

Why Choose WeRemoto?

WeRemoto is renowned for its “white glove” approach to staffing, ensuring that the SDRs we provide are skilled in sales and in sync with the bespoke needs of Business Coaches, Public Speakers, and Small Businesses.

Latin American Talent for a Global Edge

Our SDRs from Latin America are selected for their advanced English proficiency (B2 or higher, many at C1 level), adaptability, and innovative approach to sales, making them ideal for businesses looking to expand their reach.

VAProCheck: Ensuring Excellence and Commitment

Each candidate undergoes our VAProCheck process, ensuring their expertise in sales techniques, language skills, and commitment to driving results. This guarantees you a professional ready to contribute to your sales strategies actively.

Learn more about VAProCheck here

Custom-Matched to Your Firm’s Needs

Whether it’s generating leads for Business Coaches, creating opportunities for Public Speakers, or driving sales for Small Businesses, our SDRs are equipped to handle the diverse challenges of your industry, ensuring they contribute effectively to your business goals.

Partner with WeRemoto Today

By choosing WeRemoto, you select a staffing solution dedicated to enhancing your sales force. Our commitment to providing the best talent ensures that the SDR you hire will be a strategic asset, actively contributing to your business growth and client base expansion.

Embark on your journey towards enhanced sales success today. Visit our Contact Us page, connect with us, and let WeRemoto take the lead in sourcing, interviewing, and hiring a Sales Development Representative who will be crucial to your business’s growth story.

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How does an SDR generate and qualify leads to ensure they are a good fit for our products or services?

SDRs use research and outreach strategies to generate leads and qualify them based on predefined criteria, ensuring alignment with the products or services offered.

What strategies does an SDR employ to engage with potential clients and create interest in our products or services?

SDRs employ personalized outreach, effective communication, and value-driven propositions to engage potential clients and generate interest in products or services.

What communication channels and tools does an SDR utilize to reach out to leads and prospects?

SDRs utilize various communication channels such as email, phone calls, social media, and CRM tools to reach out to leads and prospects, ensuring a multi-channel approach.

Can an SDR adapt their approach to different industries and target markets?

Yes, SDRs are adaptable and can tailor their approach to different industries and target markets, ensuring relevance and effectiveness in diverse contexts.

In what languages is a Latin American SDR proficient, and how does this linguistic versatility benefit communication with clients in Latin America?

A Latin American SDR is proficient in languages such as Spanish and Portuguese, facilitating effective communication with clients in Latin America by speaking their preferred languages.

How can I find and hire a Latin American SDR through your platform?

To hire a Latin American SDR, utilize our platform's job posting feature, specifying the requirements and skills needed. This will attract suitable candidates, and you can proceed with the hiring process based on their profiles and qualifications.

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