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Feb 8
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Headquarters: Finland

Commslayer is a B2B SaaS company looking for a front-end focused Ruby on Rails engineer to help expand an existing SaaS product with new features. Commslayer is a helpdesk tailored for ecommerce merchants who use Shopify and it provides ticketing through various channels with advanced bot automations.

The company was started by two serial entrepreneurs who previously exited their Saas-company. We have built remote, calm workspaces with a focus on work-life balance. 9 out 10 developers who've worked with us say we are the best employer they ever had and developer happiness is a key driving force of our companies.

🔍 We are looking for a frontend-focused Rails engineer who: 🔍

  • has a track record of shipping web apps preferably in Ruby on Rails in the last 3+ years
  • has experience with Vue.js and likes frontend work
  • can take a product product spec and make decisions on their own - we like devs who are not afraid to make product decisions
  • humble, can mentor others, both provide and receive direction and is always willing to share what they learn
  • overlaps with EST or CET zone at least 5 hours ( prefer Europe & Africa )

🔨 What you will do: 🔨

  • build new exciting features to the helpdesk platform and chat product (while iterating based on user feedback)
  • have ownership over our UI components and user flows

☘️ Where we are and how we work: ☘️

  • We are a distributed team all over the globe but our development team is mainly working during Western European & US east coast working hours. 
  • Our work language is English, but we also have an Arabic-speaking engineer on our team.
  • We are used to async communication over Slack but also have regular weekly meetings to sync up.
  • Our tech stack is Ruby / Vue.js / Tailwind / SQL / Git
  • We optimize for developer happiness. For us, this is not a sprint but a marathon.

🌎 Location 🌎

Europe / Africa / North & South America

(Sorry, currently we cannot hire in Asia even if you can work "our" timezone - it would not be healthy but hopefully, we can expand there soon).

📜Work culture📜

Working for Commslayer doesn't feel like the usual office or startup gig: we are a small (but mighty) distributed group across 4 different countries with our own way of working. We highly encourage written (long-form) communication and documenting things on Linear/Notion and generally don't like tight fixed schedules. We avoid setting tight deadlines or using word ASAP to keep a calm workspace. There is not really much management or oversight, we expect you to know how to manage yourself. We prioritize shipping and results above how or when you do the work.

If you are into distributed work and prefer the lifestyle aspects or maybe live somewhere with not a lot of exciting startups, you will enjoy working with us.

Compensation for this position is between USD 30k-50K with paid time-off. The compensation varies with experience and skillset. This is a full-time position: you will be employed through Deel either as an employee with benefits or as a contractor depending on your preferences and location. 

Hiring process:

  1. Submit your CV and answer short introductory questions
  2. We contact selected candidates for a paid test task
  3. Interview process: you get to talk to our CTO and CEO and we get to know each other
  4. 1-2 candidates are selected to a work trial where we get to see each others in work in a low risk way - if you have an existing day job, you can give us a try without leaving it

How to apply?

Tell us about:
  1. Describe the largest web app you worked on that used Vue and Rails. Tell us what the app did, what your role on the team was and how long you worked on it.
  2. Choose the most complex feature you had to build with Vue and explain how you implemented it
  3. The timezone / location you are in.

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