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Jan 15
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Join Our Team as the "Digital Marketing Executioner"

Are you a master of the digital realm, wielding your marketing skills like a legendary sword? Look no further! We're on a quest for a fearless Digital Marketing Executioner who can slay Email Marketing campaigns, conquer the wilds of Organic Social Media, and deploy Digital Ads with precision.

Your Arsenal:

  • A wizard-like understanding of all major marketing platforms.
  • A sharpshooter's aim with Facebook and Instagram ads.
  • The creativity of a bard in content creation and design.
  • A highly technical understanding of email marketing segments, campaigns and setting up a automated marketing system.
  • Fluent in the universal tongue (English) and residing in the vast lands within 3 hours of the Eastern Time Zone.

Your Quest:

  • To strategize, execute, and analyze with the mind of a sage.
  • To be a problem-solving knight, ready to tackle digital dilemmas.
  • To dedicate 20 hours a week in your part-time crusade, with a potential for full-time glory.

Are You The Chosen One?

  • Do you have the technical prowess and analytical vision?
  • Can you weave enchanting narratives across digital platforms?
  • Are you ready to join a fellowship of marketing adventurers?

If you're nodding fervently, then unsheathe your resume and follow these directions EXACTLY.

Send your resume in PDF format with the file name "Lastname.firstname.pdf". In the subject line of the email please put- I'm your guru.

What's the process like?

  • Our top wizards will be tasked with a short test to highlight your genius. Once we have narrowed it down you may be asked to work on a short project (but don't worry, you will be rewarded). Once it's clear who is best for our team we will make an offer.
  • Rewards in our realm start at $550/month but preform well and those numbers can climb!

Let the digital realm echo with tales of your marketing prowess!

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