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We are looking to bring on two talented sales professionals to join our Sales Department in the role of Business Advisor!  This is a huge opportunity for you to work for an exciting, fast-paced company and learn the ins and outs of the online business world.

We’re on a mission to help more buyers than ever find awesome businesses to acquire. In order to hit our company goals, we need to add additional driven, proactive sales people with a penchant for building rapport.

If you get energised by jumping on the phone and helping buyers and sellers take the next step on their journey, this could be the role for you.

While some overlap with US timezones is required in this role, the role itself is 100% location independent, allowing you to live anywhere in the world. Be it the beaches in Mexico or in a mountain resort in the Swiss Alps – the choice is yours.

Are you ready to get started?

If this sounds like an exciting opportunity for you, then read on to learn more about our company and how to apply for the position!


So What is a Business Advisor?

A Business Advisor is a sales professional who works directly with buyers and sellers on the EF marketplace and is responsible for establishing and maintaining communications with all customers. 

We believe that great business begins with great relationships. And that those relationships are best fostered via telephone and/or video call. So this is a role for people who love spending their time talking to people.

You’ll build relationships, talk customers through our process, offer advice, negotiate, criteria match and much more on your mission to match the perfect buyer with the perfect business.


What’s Our Story?

Empire Flippers started in 2011. Back then, we were known as the AdSense Flippers, and we were all about building our own niche sites. We would monetize those sites via Google AdSense. Once the sites were making a little money, we would sell them on Flippa for 20x their net monthly profit.

We recorded our entire journey by blogging all about it.

It was a nice little business and soon we built quite a following of people who loved what we were up to. It got to the point where people asked us if we would use our Flippa account to sell their sites. They told us it would sell easier since we had the audience, and they would pay us a percentage of the sale.

So… we said yes.

It wasn’t long before we were selling way more of other people’s sites than our own.

We realized there was something here. Something big.

In 2012, we rebranded to Empire Flippers and became an online business brokerage in our own right. We launched our marketplace and became the “go-to” solution for people wanting to sell their online businesses.

Fast forward to today, we now have an established team with one thing in common; we’re all obsessed with online business. We have dedicated staff for each step of the selling and buying process — everyone from marketing and sales team members, to vetting and migration experts.

Now, we’re inviting you to become part of our story.


What’s the Opportunity?

Becoming a Business Advisor makes you a critical part of the team at Empire Flippers.

You will represent our brand and be the face of Empire Flippers to buyers and sellers while learning skills that will last you a lifetime in the online business world.

Your work ethic and skill set will have a direct impact on our growth. We will open up our Rolodex, offer you training, and give you insights into the online business space that no college course or paid informational product could ever teach you. 

And you won’t be just another employee at a giant corporation.

You will connect with entrepreneurs running hundreds of sites, as well as entrepreneurs running gigantic global e-commerce brands with name recognition.

We’re a small, nimble company where every single person matters. Your actions will very directly tie to the success of the business; you won’t be just a number.


What’s This Sales Position Like?

While we are an Inc. 5000 company, we’re not overly corporate. You’ll work with our entire team to make sure the job gets done. We believe in collaboration, and that means every department in our company comes together to help bring a project to fruition.

It has been an effective strategy, and has worked well for us. 

When you first come on board as a Business Advisor, you will start learning more about our business before jumping into the job. You will learn everything there is to know about the different kinds of customers we serve in our audience. You will become well versed in all of our processes, from how our listing review process works all the way up to the intricacies of structuring a business acquisition.

Once you have the basics down, you will use the phone, chat systems, and email to communicate with our audience and will have access to our backend support systems through HubSpot, Zendesk, and our EF Platform.

You might be wondering, though … what will your daily work routine really look like once you’re up and going?

Here is a list of daily tasks we’ll expect from you (though this isn’t an exhaustive list and could change):

  • Working with sellers to connect them with the appropriate buyers and subsequent questions/negotiations
  • Calling buyers who have unlocked businesses and guiding them to the next step in our sales funnel
  • Contacting warm leads and qualifying them to ensure they are reviewing the best listings on our platform and addressing their questions
  • Returning emails to potential buyers who are looking at using our marketplace, but still have questions about our process
  • Conducting discovery calls with buyers and sellers to determine if a business is a good fit
As a Business Advisor, you will negotiate deals that are win-wins for both our buyers and sellers.


What Skills Are Needed?

We believe in hiring people who are a good fit with us culturally. We want people who are hungry to learn, but also people that will be fun to work with. We care more about your attitude and the values you bring to the table than specific hard skills you may or may not have.

This role does involve a lot of telephone work so to be a fit for this role, it’s vital that you aren’t afraid to pick up the phone and that you are able to give a warm and professional impression of our business.

You must love talking and building relationships. You enjoy the challenge (and reward) of handling the more complicated conversations. An interest in finance, e-commerce, or online business would all be beneficial.

You’re a confident self starter. You need to be able to pick up the phone and call someone who doesn’t know you and see how they are doing. This isn’t cold-calling, but it won’t always be super warm, either. Everyone you call will have opted into our marketplace and given out their phone number, so they will know about Empire Flippers. It is your task to make sure they understand our processes and see why we are someone they want to work with.

You can spot risks and opportunities. Every day, you will speak with entrepreneurs about scaling businesses, liabilities, and how good certain assets are as an investment. Over time, you will need to be able to spot what are genuine risks and genuine opportunities for people looking to acquire online businesses. You will need to be able to confidently tell the entire story of a possible acquisition. While investing in online businesses can bring great returns, it can also be a volatile space to play in. We respect our audience’s intelligence by telling them about both the risks and rewards.

You’re a problem solver. Selling a business is an intimate experience for most entrepreneurs, especially if it is the first business someone is selling or buying. That means you will face obstacles and challenges. It will be up to you to make sure those challenges are met head-on and solved.

You’re excited about expanding the Empire Flippers brand. We love hiring people that are passionate about the online business industry. In many ways, we really are changing lives. We want you to be on board with our mission, participate in industry conversations, and get people excited about working with us.


What’s the Lifestyle Like?

Our company is built on a culture of remote work, travel, and living life on your terms. Being a location-independent full-time position is one of the many benefits! You’ll be free to work anywhere in the world that serves your creativity best. The choice is yours.

Our team is spread out across the US and European timezones. But you won’t be isolated. Our company Slack is always on the go and you’ll have regular video calls with your team and others around the business.

We aren’t going to chain you to a cubicle. While we’re an Inc. 5000 company, we’re not a Fortune 500 company. You won’t be some badge number in the corporate machine. We will want your input and insight. We are going to rely on your experience to make our process better and smoother for our buyers and sellers while also helping to increase the number of high-quality businesses that go live on our marketplace.

When you first start off, you will be training with our Sales team remotely for the first period. We won’t throw you in at the deep end but we will be aiming to get you up and running and talking to customers as quickly as possible.


Love It. What’s the Catch?

While we may have a somewhat unorthodox approach to work, we do still have high standards for our team and a lot will be expected of you. Hopefully, you will exceed those expectations and take us to new heights with the skills you bring to the table.

A big part of our company is about experiencing what the world has to offer and going after it. That being said, we also work hard.

Sometimes we have to work weird hours. It is not uncommon to take a 3 a.m. phone call if you’re in Thailand to connect with someone over in the U.S. Or vice versa. You will need to be someone who is ultra-flexible. Our business is truly global, and we have customers in every corner of the globe.

Sometimes we really do work next to the pool. We might take a long break in the middle of the day, but burn the midnight oil early in the morning and late into the night with a 12-hour work day. That isn’t every day, but it does happen when we need to finish a project or answer a client’s series of questions, so you’ll need to be prepared for that.

A lot of people would love to have a side gig or a gap year experience that allows them to travel the world before finding a job back home. That is not this job.

We focus on a strong life/work balance and encourage our team to tackle their bucket lists while working in an exciting, challenging, and ever-changing industry.

We’re made up of a team of successful entrepreneurs and former corporate professionals and we want you to become a long-term team member with us. Ultimately, we want this sales position to grow into a profitable career for both you and the company.


The Details to Keep in Mind

This position is a fully remote role. During the first few months, your role will be probationary and your training and performance will be evaluated. Following probation, you will join our bonus sharing plan.

This role starts at $3,000/month base rate.  Once you join our bonus plan, there will be potential to earn above this depending on company performance. More details on that can be discussed during the interview.

We also offer paid, international and US healthcare coverage.

Remember, we’re not going to throw you into the fire right away.

When you first come on board, you’re going to learn about our company. We will do a deep dive into how our processes and systems work and teach you about each department within the business.

As you get better acquainted with our company and processes, you will dive into the low-level tasks, starting off with plenty of guidance and later becoming an independent fully fledged Business Advisor.

If this all sounds overwhelming yet exciting to you, then apply! You might be surprised how perfect you are for this role.


How Do I Apply?

Here is the sequence of events we use when hiring our new sales professionals:

  1. Fill out an application, and submit as soon as possible.
  2. Upload a non-listed YouTube video of yourself explaining for no more than 3 minutes why you think you are a solid fit for this position. No fancy editing or camera tricks needed, but please provide something personal so we know a bit about you.
  3. We review all submissions and schedule interviews.
  4. Second interviews are done and a final decision is made.
  5. The chosen applicant will be announced with a job offer and start date.
If you’re thinking about applying, but are worried you might not have enough (insert excuse here) — don’t worry. If you want to build something more than just a 9-to-5 job, then click the “apply” button below.

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