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Join our Community of Virtual Professionals from Latin America!

Ever dreamed of working from the comfort of your house while earning a much better wage than in your home country? Well… you’ve come to the right place!


With over 480+ Latino Virtual Professionals already working with our 350+ clients and counting, Virtual Latinos is the first American Company that connects amazing and talented virtual professionals from Latin America with small businesses & entrepreneurs from the US, Canada, and the world. New job positions open every week, allowing professionals to find great remote job opportunities.


We believe that work does not need to be done in an office to be executed successfully and that Latin America has so much talent that the world has yet to discover.


What We Offer:

  • Work from your home (Or anywhere you want!)
  • Earn in US dollars - Competitive hourly rates
  • Flexible schedule (Part-time & Full-time opportunities)
  • Opportunities to work for US & Canadian companies
  • Long-term work relationships (This is not project-based)
  • An amazing community that values each member
  • Training Resources & More


Job Description

We are looking for ambitious, top-talented sales professionals who are eager to work on a long-term work relationship with North-American companies.


To apply to this position you must:

  • Have at least 1 year of verifiable work experience
  • Have excellent English oral skills: be fluent, speak clearly, and be able to understand different English accents
  • Have excellent written skills: be able to write professional emails, sales pitches, and presentations
  • Have excellent conversational skills: you should be able to build a connection between the company and its clients
  • Be good at handling rejection (don't take it personally)
  • Be goal and metrics oriented
  • Be resourceful and a quick learner


Job Tasks

While your duties will depend on the specific needs of each client, they will include but are not limited to the following:

  • Call & Qualify Leads
  • Warm Calling Existing Leads
  • Cold-Calling
  • Follow-up with Leads & Clients
  • Calendar Management & Appointment Setting
  • Sales Support and Contacts Management in CRM
  • Upsell to Existing Clients
  • Complete Customer Lifecycle Management & Support
  • Manage Relationships with Existing Clients 
  • Sales Analytics & KPIs
  • Lead Generation & List Building
  • Sales Outreach
  • Sales Strategy Development & Improvement
  • Research, Find & Develop Partnership Opportunities
  • General Business Development
  • General Sales tasks


Qualifications & Requirements

Please consider these basic, yet important requirements before applying. All members of our community are expected to have the following: 

  • Honesty & integrity, always willing to do the right thing
  • Super professional, accountable, and responsible. 
  • Personable, easy to talk with, and charming
  • Bilingual in written and verbal English and Spanish
  • Looking for a long-term job, 1-3+ years
  • Great team player, willing to be part of a team
  • Have a minimum of 1 year of professional work experience
  • Someone who is hungry to learn and has a great attitude. 
  • Computer savvy, and able to learn systems and software pretty quickly
  • Committed to achieving timelines, deadlines and fulfilling expectations


It doesn’t matter what Latin American country you are from, we care about your abilities to execute, professionalism, and personality.


If all that sounds appealing and you’re interested in this role, click on the link below to get started! 


Fill the form & add “WeRemotoVL” in the Referral Partner Code section


We look forward to hearing from you!

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