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Instinct Science

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Nov 9

Headquarters: Greater Philadelphia, PA

​Meet Instinct 👋
Instinct Science is a growing Philadelphia-based animal health company working on unique technology solutions for state-of-the-art veterinary hospitals across the globe. 
We’re seeking an experienced Elixir Engineer to be the next member of our growing 50-person team. 
The Instinct team is fully distributed, so your geographic location doesn’t matter as long as you can overlap with our regular business hours (Mon-Fri 8 am - 5 pm ET). Work hours are flexible.
Position Summary 😺 
You will work alongside other experienced engineers to improve internal tools for our support team, focusing on data migration and admin tooling. Your contributions will greatly influence the usability and usefulness of our overall products and empower our internal customer support team to help with customer needs.
The ideal candidate is efficient, organized, detail-oriented, and motivated by challenging yet meaningful work that has the potential to shape an entire profession.
Day-to-day work will consist of the following:
  • Managing and maintaining partner relationships
  • Designing, building, documenting, and troubleshooting internal tooling 
  • Building new features, troubleshooting bugs, planning future dev work, reviewing teammate PRs, and taking ownership for our growing back-end application 
  • Working in partnership with a close-knit team that is working hard for a better product each day
We’re Looking for Someone With
  • At least 3 years of experience building back-end applications
  • Experience using Elixir and/or Erlang in production
  • Deep knowledge of API designs
  • Working knowledge of networking protocols and data interchange formats (e.g., TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP, SOAP, JSON, XML)
  • Working knowledge of relational databases
  • A high bar for code quality with belief in automated testing
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to manage multiple simultaneous engagements
  • Strong problem solving and analytical skills with experience to resolve problems efficiently
  • A desire to mentor and support a team of fellow developers
  • Ability to think through challenges and develop features that solve them elegantly
  • Ability to challenge and improve our current architecture
  • Excitement for building critical integrations for veterinary hospitals
Bonus Experience 💡​
  • Previous experience as a remote engineer, preferably as part of a small team
  • Previous work on health care, medical records, veterinary, or enterprise software
  • Some experience managing external business relationships
Technology Used at Instinct 🧑‍💻​
  • Elixir, Phoenix, Absinthe (GraphQL)
  • PostgreSQL, Redis
  • Javascript, Typescript, React, Apollo, Electron
  • Cypress, Jest, React Testing Library
  • Node
  • AWS
  • CircleCI
  • Docker
  • Papertrail, Sentry, Prometheus, Grafana
  • Github, Jira, Slack
A Sneak Peek at Team Instinct 🔭
The Instinct team consists of a unique mix of veterinary and technology experts who offer years of experience developing and commercializing point-of-care software for the veterinary industry. 
Instinct fosters a diverse, inclusive, transparent, and fun work environment. As a fully distributed team, we value teammates with strong communication and organizational skills. We’re building a company that reflects our care for every individual, treating each team member well by going out of our way to help one another in the short-term and pushing for growth in the long-term. 
We’re guided by one thing: helping veterinary hospital teams excel. To that end, your work contributions will greatly shape the workflows, staff happiness, and patient care for some of the most advanced veterinary centers on the planet.
Salary and Benefits Highlights 🌞
  • We offer a supportive, innovative, caring work environment.
  • We pay our team well (flexible based on experience).
  • We give our team owner-like flexibility over work and time off.
  • We offer health, vision, dental insurance, and 401K.
  • We offer a generous home office and professional development stipend.
  • We provide all-expense-paid travel to hospitals and our retreats.
Learn More About Us 👓 - Corporate website - Our blog called Pick the Brain that has articles that will help you understand a little more about how we engage and help our customers—besides writing awesome software.
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