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What’s the gig? 

We’re searching for an experienced assistant to execute on day-to-day activities, administrative tasks, and special projects for our CEO and other executives, key-stakeholders, and by proxy the broader team where needed. 

This position touches every corner of the CEO’s life and business, which means the right person will have a passion for coming alongside the CEO and putting the infrastructure in place to bring his big vision into reality.

It’s a big role, and we need someone who has the ability to ramp up quickly when it comes to new information and learning new things. Therefore, we’re looking for someone with deep career ambitions as an assistant to the CEO and someone who truly believes in the value of this role as their calling.

Projects for you might include:

  • Acting as the liaison between the CEO and his team-leads across multiple businesses,
  • Owning the logistics of important personal purchases
  • Picking out gifts for clients 
  • Being the point person for clients, partners, and accountants for all businesses
  • Coordinating travel arrangements,
  • Managing his calendar and inbox, 

Among many, many other things. 

Overtime, the goal is that you’ll become an extension of our CEO by having the ability to anticipate his needs, see around the corner, and remember things before he does. Because of this, the ability to build trust quickly is critical. We desire a high level of professionalism, confidentiality, discretion and judgement, in both written and verbal communication. 

Who exactly are we looking for?

In short, does this sound like you? Someone that is a(n):

  • Trustworthy. Someone with high standards and boundaries, a consummate professional with a high level of discretion. 
  • Communicator. You have excellent written and verbal communication.
  • Organizer. You have impeccable attention to detail, you look to improve processes and you anticipate every eventuality.
  • AdaptableYou thrive when you need to find solutions fast and you work fast and efficiently to get the job done. 

Why you?

As a minimum, you have:

  • You have at least 1+ years of experience supporting a CEO or executive in the past. This is a must in this role, as you’ll be able to pattern match previous experiences and understand everyday shifting tasks and priorities are inherent in supporting an executive.
  • You can hold your own. You make decisions decisively and are able to take very direct feedback. 
  • You are a rock-solid communicator. You present information clearly and with no errors, whether that is in written or verbal communication.
  • You’re highly adaptable and flexible, as this role is ever-changing in its nature as new projects come to light as such.
  • You’ll be contributing to projects related to finance and legal elements, so a strong appetite and experience in financial and legal literacy is desired. 
  • You thrive in fast-paced environments, with tight deadlines, with a rigorous eye for detail and accuracy
  • You take a lot of pride in your outcomes, whether that’s booking just the right dinner reservation, or facilitating the final signing on a business acquisition. 

Like what you see?

If you’re thinking: “This is totally me!” then be sure to apply below. Even if you’re thinking: “This definitely could be me!” apply below anyways — we love diverse and non-traditional backgrounds.

To ensure that you’ve read the whole ad, please sneak the word ‘Mountain’ somewhere into your application.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Must speak, read, and write English proficiently to be considered.

Please send a video to GB@GeniusCreators.org about why you’re the perfect candidate. You must send a video along with your resume, to be considered for the next round.

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