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Full Time - Advanced English Level C2 - Sales- Chat based - Remote - Cellphone/laptop
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Jan 20
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TVAC Talent - Hiring all over Latin America, Europe and Asia

Chat Sales Specialist 

🔥100% remote

🔥USD Base salary $560 + unlimited commissions ( $1000 -$1500 per month) 

🔥Independent Contractor


🔥Advanced English writing skills C2

🔥 Full-time availability: standard schedule is 8-6 pm MST +3 hrs on weekends but varies depending on the client

🔥Must have cellphone & laptop/pc

🔥Strong internet connection + backup for power in case the need arises

Ever wanted to work for a North American company, earn a much better wage, and a stable income, yet still be home? 

Explore the opportunity of becoming a killer sales by chat Specialist working in a long-term relationship with one of our clients. 

The position requires you to book sales appointments for the fitness coach you will work with. You’ll be responsible for utilizing their social media accounts, messaging prospects, taking them through a script, and placing them on our client's calendars or closing the sales over chat.

Working in sales means: more sales = more money! 

No experience in selling over chat? No problem! We will fully train you for free. 

Please note: This is not a passive hourly job and requires a commitment to excellence and personal growth. If you are not willing to be resourceful, problem-solve, be challenged and coachable, or are not willing to fully commit to the role, please DO NOT apply.

Visit our IG - Shoot a DM for more info

How to apply: 

1. Submit your application, allow 2-3 days to process

3. Get invited to a group screening interview

4. Go through a script drill for English Evaluation 

5. Final interview with the Recruitment Team

Apply now:

  • or send an email to
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